2018-2019 Digital Communication Projects using Arduino

2019 Digital Communication Projects using Arduino

Digital Communication Projects using Arduino

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2019 Digital Communication Projects

1.A Voice Controlled Wheel Chair Prototype for a Medically Challenged

2.Advanced Security System for Automobile

3.An ultrasonic Based Path Finder Robot with Metal Detection Capability

4.Assisting Device for Visually Impaired Person

5.Auto Intensity Control of Street Light with Solar Tracker using Arduino

6.Automated Data Acquisition System for Microwave Bench Slotted Line

7.Automatic Dipper Circuit for Vechicle using Arduino Arduino

8.Automatic Room Light Controller with Visitor Counter Desgined using Arduino

9.Biometric Attendance System using Arduino

10.Bluetooth Remote Controlled Car using Arduino

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|2018-2019 Digital Communication Projects for Students

11.Cell phone-Based Device Control with Voice Acknowledgement

12.Condition Monitoring of Oil using Wireless Sensor Network

13.Design and Analysis of Ozone Gas Generator

14.Design and Implementation of Automatic Street Light Control System using Light Dependent Resistor

15.Design and Implementation of SMS-Based Industrial Homes Gas Leakage Monitoring & Detection Alarm System

16.Design of Electronic Voting Machine using Arduino

17.Designed Accident Prevention System Using Wireless Sensor Networks

18.GSM Controlled Wireless Electronic Notice Board

19.Implementation of Wireless Sensor Network for Real Time Monitoring and controlling of Agriculture Parameter

20.Arduino Based Electronic Control Board for Laser Cutter and Engraver

Simplest Way for Voice Recognition Project Using c# to arduino We all are blessed with different types of Sensors Such as (Ear, tongue, Nose...) and we use them in our daily life not in one way but in two way communication there is transmission and receiving of data going on.Same concept we are applying in machines As a beginner almost everyone starts with blinking leds on/off and I also did that but I wanted to control these electronic components using my own voice commands. Simplest way for voice recognition using arduino In this project we will be turning on/off leds not in a standard way but using our own voice commands and exciting part is that it is very simple and easy just little bit of programming knowledge is required thats all ! It all started when my teacher demonstrated a c# windows form application project to us. In that project Sir was Controlling virtual BULB using voice commands and it was made using c# visual studio software only no arduino or any other hardware stuff. It was amazing :) So for new project using arduino I thought why not control Led using voice command because in this project we are physically controlling hardware not virtually which sir demonstrated.


Arduino based communication projects

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