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The Year 2018-2019 Mechanical Projects

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1.Angle Measurement Apparatus Improvement

2.Development Of A Tool Measurement System

3.The Development and Construction Of A Tele-operated Anthropomorphic Robotic Hand With Force Feedback

4.Laser Material Deposition On Prehardened Steel

5.Development Of A New Autonomous Guided Vehicle Platform

6.Improvement of Fatigue Properties by Surface Engineering

7.Supporting Software For EMAS For Manufacturing Sector


9.Laser Interferometer Application: Gauge Block Comparator

10.Modelling the Aerodynamics of a Horizontal-Axis Wind Turbine Using A Tip And Root Helical Vortex Model

11.Evaluation of a Mecanum Wheel-Based Mobile Robotic Platform

12.Design of a Towfish

13.Solar Heat Cooling

14.Testing Of Membranes With A Flat Sheet Membrane Test Rig

15.Laser Interferometer Applications: CNC Testing

2018-2019 Mechanical Projects Bangalore

16.FMEA Software Including LCA Considerations Of A Product

17.An Investigation On The Heat Transfer Of Two Phase Flow In Coiled Pipes

18.A study On Boiling Process

19.Design For An Automated Flexible Part Transfer System

20.Free-Piston Engine

21.Camshaft Tuning Of A Restricted Formula SAE Engine Through Engine Simulation Software

22.A web-based collaborative Learning Environment In Engineering Design Education

23.Enhancing The Retaining Capacity Of Abrasive Particles In The AFM

24.Design of a Universal Cosmetic Case Lacquering Fixture

25.Development Of A Haptic Glove For Teleoperation

26.Laser Material Deposition Of Ceramic Reinforced Steel

27.Enhancement of the Actuation and Sensing Capabilities of the IAL Dexterous Robot Finger

28.3D Design Data for Customised Hearing Aids

29.Measurement And Analysis Of The Pressure Distribution Around A Model Wind Turbine Operating In A Wind Tunnel Closed Test-Section

30.Study On The Possible Use Of Waste Rubber For Cooling Purposes

2018-2019 Mechanical internship Projects Bangalore

31.ADI As A Material For Gears

32.Vertebra Solid Model via 3D Scan

33.Engine Breathing

34.Solar Space Heating Of An Office Using Flat Plate Collectors

35.Setting Up Of Carburizing Facility

36.A Study On The Buckling Phenomenon

37.Improving the Performance of An Air Curtain Inside A Freezer

38.Manufacturing System Evaluation And Improvements Definition

39.Computerized Equipment Maintenance Management

40.Analysis Of The Tribological Behaviour Of AISI O1 And AISI D2 Tool Steels

2018-2019 Mechanical internship Projects

41.A Methodology For Analysing The Energy Efficiency of Buildings (Using The Administrative Wasteserv Building As a Test Case)

42.The Design And Construction Of A Scratch Testing Head For a Tribotester

43.Testing Standard For Degradable Plastics

44.Investigating The Effect Of Alloying Elements In Zinc Bath On The Physical Properties Of Galvanizing Coats

45.The Construction Of A Pneumatic Comparator

46.Disassembly of Electronic waste

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2018 IEEE Electrical Machines for Automotive Electrically Assisted Turbocharging

introduces electrically assisted turbocharging (EAT) together with the requirements and challenges in selecting an electrical machine for the application. In an effort to identify the most appropriate technology, a detailed, quantitative, multidomain comparison between induction, permanent magnet, and switched reluctance machines is conducted. The study presented puts equal weighing on the electromagnetic, thermal, and mechanical sciences, together with the all-important cost and provides clear guidelines on the pros and cons of each machine type for the application in hand. For a real case study, the induction machine (IM) is identified as the most suitable candidate due to its high-temperature withstand and equalizing capabilities, together with the lower volt-ampere (VA) requirements. A high-performance (10 kW, 120 krpm) IM is prototyped and specific suitability aspects demonstrated on actual system-representative tests.

Mechanical Projects,Final Year Mechanical Projects,Final Year 2018-2019 Projects for Mechanical,Final Year Mechanical Engineering Projects in Bangalore

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