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VLSI Projects 2022

    adc design using cadence

    ldo design in cadence

    vco design in cadence

    op amp design in cadence

    sram design in cadence

    comparator design in cadence

    layout design in cadence virtuoso

    Inverter design in cadence

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2023-2024 VLSI Mini Projects using VHDL

History of VHDL:
In 1980, the USA Department of Defence wanted to make circuit design self documenting, follow a common design methodology and be reusable with new technologies. The DoD funded a project under the Very High Speed Integrated Circuit (VHSIC) program to create a standard hardware description language. In 1983, The DoD established requirements for a standard VHSIC Hardware Description Language (VHDL). A group of IBM, TI and Intermetrics Corporations worked together to develop the VHDL. VHDL 2.0 was released only 6 months after the project began. VHDL 6.0 was released in December of 1984. Development of VHDL-based tools also began in 1984. In 1985, ITAR restrictions were lifted from VHDL and its related software, and the VHDL 7.2 Language Reference Manual (LRM) copyright was referred to IEEE for further development and standardisation. This led to the development of the IEEE 1073A VHDL LRM. Later that year version B of LRM was developed and approved by a committee of the IEEE Standard Board (VHDL 1076-1987).

2023-2024 VLSI Mini Projects using Xilinx

How to Design in Xilinx:
Xilinx's line of products expanded to a broad range of FPGAs, complex programmable logic devices (CPLDs), design tools, intellectual property and reference designs.Xilinx also has a global services and training program.In 2011, Xilinx introduced the Virtex-7 2000T, the first product based on 2.5D stacked silicon (based on silicon interposer technology) to deliver larger FPGAs than could be built using standard monolithic silicon. Xilinx then adapted the technology to combine formerly separate components in a single chip, first combining an FPGA with transceivers based on heterogeneous process technology with more bandwidth and less power

2023-2024 VLSI Mini Projects using Cadence

How to Design with Cadence:
Cadence Design Systems, Inc. is an American multinational electronic design automation (EDA) software and engineering services company, founded in 1988 by the merger of SDA Systems and ECAD, Inc. The company produces software, hardware and silicon structures for designing integrated circuits, systems on chips (SoCs) and printed circuit boards. Cadence Design Systems was the result of a merger perfected in 1988 of Solomon Design Automation (SDA), co-founded in 1983 by Richard Newton, Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli and James Solomon, and ECAD, co-founded by Glen Antle and Paul Huang in 1982. Joseph Costello was appointed as CEO from 1988–1997, and Cadence became the largest EDA company during his tenure.

2023-2024 VLSI Mini Projects using Mentor Graphics

Are You Ready with design with Mentor Graphics?
Mentor Graphics was founded in 1981 by Tom Bruggere, Gerry Langeler and Dave Moffenbeier. The first round of money, worth $1 million, came from Sutter Hill, Greylock, and Venrock Associates. The next round was $2 million from five venture capital firms, and in April 1983 a third round raised an additional $7 million. Mentor Graphics was one of the first companies to attract venture capital to Oregon.Apollo Computer workstations were chosen as the initial hardware platform. Based in Chelmsford, Apollo was less than a year old and had only announced itself to the public a few weeks prior to when the founders of Mentor Graphics began their initial meetings. When Mentor entered the CAE market the company had two technical differentiators: the first was the software - Mentor, Valid, and Daisy each had software with different strengths and weaknesses. The second, was the hardware - Mentor ran all programs on the Apollo workstation, while Daisy and Valid each built their own hardware. By the late 1980s, all EDA companies abandoned proprietary hardware in favor of workstations manufactured by companies such as Apollo and Sun Microsystems.
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  • In this year 2023-2024 How to Prepare your Final year Engineering VLSI Projects?
  • How to do with FPGA kind of projects? Do you think your Final year VLSI Engineering projects in this 2023-2024 year?
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    2023-2024 VLSI Projects
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    2023-2024 VLSI Final Year IEEE Projects

    1. VLSI Implementation of an adaptive Edge Enhanced color interpolation Processor for Real-Time Video Applications

    2. Demonstrating HW-SW Transient Error Mitigation on the single-chip cloud computer data plane

    3. Enhanced Memory reliability against multiple cell upsets using Decimal Matrix code

    4. Wear out Resilience in NOCs through an Aging Aware Adaptive Routing Algorithm

    5. High-Performance H.264/AVC Intra-Prediction Architecture for Ultra High Definition Video Applications On-Chip Memory Hierarchy in one Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architecture to compress memory space and to reduce time

    6. A Voltage based Leakage current calculation scheme and its application to Nanoscale and FinFET Standard cell designs

    7. High Throughput and Low complexity BCH decoding Architecture for Solid-State Drives

    8. Nonbinary LDPC Decoder based on Simplified Enhanced Generalized Bit-Flipping Algorithm

    9. A 2-D Interpolation based ORD Processor with Partial Layer Mapping for MIMO-OFDM Systems

    10.Digitally controlled Pulse Width Modulator for On-Chip Power Management

    2023-2024 Final Year VLSI Projects

    11. UNION: A Unified Inter/Intrachip Optical Network for Chip Multiprocessors

    12. High-Throughput Multistandard Transform Core supporting MPEG/H.264/VC-1 using Common Shared Distributed Arithmetic

    13. Alogirthm and Architecture for a Low-Power Content Addressable Memory based on Sparse Clustered Networks

    14. A Variation-Aware Preferential Design approach for Memory- Based Reconfigurable Computing

    15. Asynchronous Domino Logic Pipeline Design Based on Constructed Critical data path

    16. Low-Power Digital Signal Processor Architecture for Wireless Sensor Nodes

    17. Application Mapping Onto Mesh-Based Network-On-Chip using Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization

    18. Novel Reconfigurable Hardware Architecture for Polynomial Matrix Multiplications

    19. Single-Bit Pseudo Parallel Processing Low-oversampling Delta-Sigma Modulator suitable for SDR Wireless Transmitters

    20. A Lattice Reduction Aided MIMO Channel Equalizer in 90 nm CMOS achieving 720 Mb/s

    21. Low Power, Minimally Invasive Process Compensation Technique for Sub-Micron CMOS Amplifiers

    22. Low-Energy Two-stage Algorithm for High Efficiency Epileptic Seizure Detection

    23. An Ultralow Power Multirate FSK Demodulator for High-Speed Biomedical Zero-IF Receivers

    24. Ultra-High Throughput Low-Power Packet Classification

    25. Level-Converting Retention Flip-Flop for Reducing Standby Power in ZigBee SOC's

    26. Area-Delay-Power Efficient Fixed-point LMS Adaptive filter with low adaptation delay

    27. Energy Efficiency Optimization through codesign of the Transmitter and Receiver in High-speed On-Chip Interconnects

    28. A Fast application based supply voltage optimization method for dual voltage FPGA

    29. Reliable Low-Power Multiplier Design using Fixed-Width Replica Redundancy block

    30. Low-Power Pulse-Triggered Flip-Flop Design based on a signal feed-through

    2023-2024 VLSI Projects using Verilog

    1. A Closed-Loop Reconfigurable Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Converter For Sub-mW Energy Harvesting Applications

    2. A Generalization Of Addition Chains And Fast Inversions In Binary Fields

    3. A Generalized Algorithm And Reconfigurable Architecture For Efficient And Scalable Orthogonal Approximation Of Dct

    4. A Low Complexity Scaling Method For The Lanczos Kernel In Fixed-Point Arithmetic

    5. A Multicycle Test Set Based On A Two-Cycle Test Set With Constant Primary Input Vectors

    6. A Self-Powered High-Efficiency Rectifier With Automatic Resetting Of Transducer Capacitance In Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Systems

    7. A Synergetic Use Of Bloom Filters For Error Detection And Correction

    8. Aging-Aware Reliable Multiplier Design With Adaptive Hold Logic

    9. Algorithm And Architecture For A Low-Power Content-Addressable Memory Based On Sparse Clustered Networks

    10. An Efficient Constant Multiplier Architecture Based On Vertical-Horizontal Binary Common Sub-Expression Elimination Algorithm For Reconfigurable Fir Filter Synthesis

    11. Comments On "Low-Latency Digit-Serial Systolic Double Basis Multiplier Over GF (2m ) Using Subquadrat Ic Toeplitz Matrix- Vector Product Approach"

    12. Communication Optimization Of Iterative Sparse Matrix - Vector Multiply On GPUs And FPGAs

    13. Efficient Coding Schemes For Fault-Tolerant Parallel Filters

    14. Efficient Sub Quadratic Space Complexity Architectures For Parallel Mpb Single- And 16. For All Trinomials Using Toeplitz Matrix-Vector Product Decomposition

    2023-2024 VLSI Projects using VHDL

    15. Fast Sign Detection Algorithm For The Rns Moduli Set {2n+1 - 1, 2n - 1,2n}

    16. Fault Tolerant Parallel Filters Based On Error Correction Codes

    17. Fine-Grained Critical Path Analysis And Optimization For Area-Time Efficient Realization Of Multiple Constant Multiplications

    18. Flexible DSP Accelerator Architecture Exploiting Carry-Save Arithmetic

    19. Fully Reused VLSI Architecture Of Fm0/Manchester Encoding Using Sols Technique For DSRC Applications

    20. High - Throughput Finite Field Multipliers Using Redundant Basis For Fpga And Asic Implementations

    21. Low Delay Single Symbol Error Correction Codes Based On Reed Solomon Codes

    22. Low-Complexity Tree Architecture For Finding The First Two Minima

    23. Low-Latency High-Throughput Systolic Multipliers Over For Nist Recommended Pentanomials

    24. Low-Power And Area-Efficient Shift Register Using Pulsed Latches

    25. Low-Power Programmable PRPG With Test Compression Capabilities

    26. Mixing Drivers In Clock-Tree For Power Supply Noise Reduction

    27. New Regular Radix-8 Scheme For Elliptic Curve Scalar Multiplication Without Pre-Computation

    28. Novel Block-Formulation And Area-Delay - Efficient Reconfigurable Interpolation Filter Architecture Formulti - Standard SDR Applications

    29. Novel Shared Multiplier Scheduling Scheme For Area-Efficient FFT/IFFT Processors

    30. Obfuscating DSP Circuits Via High-Level Transformations

    31. One Minimum Only Trellis Decoder For Non – Binary Low - Density Parity - Check Codes

    32. Partially Parallel Encoder Architecture For Long Polar Codes

    33. Piecewise-Functional Broadside Tests Based On Reachable States

    34. Pre-Encoded Multipliers Based On Non-Redundant Radix-4 Signed-Digit Encoding

    35. Recursive Approach To The Design Of A Parallel Self-Timed Adder

    36. Reliable Low-Power Multiplier Design Using Fixed-Width Replica Redundancy Block

    37. Scan Test Bandwidth Management For Ultralarge-Scale System-On-Chip Architectures

    38. Simplified Trellis Min–Max Decoder Architecture For Nonbinary Low-Density Parity-Check Codes

    39. Skewed-Load Test Cubes Based On Functional Broadside Tests For A Low-Power Test Set

    40. VLSI Computational Architectures For The Arithmetic Cosine Transform

    41. Fully Reused VLSI Architecture of FM0/Manchester Encoding Using SOLS Technique for DSRC Applications
    42. Graph-Based Transistor Network Generation Method for Supergate Design

    43. High Performance Low Swing Clock Tree Synthesis with Custom D Flip-Flop Design

    44. High-Speed and Energy-Efficient Carry Skip Adder Operating Under a Wide Range of Supply Voltage Levels

    45. High-Throughput LDPC-Decoder Architecture Using Efficient Comparison Techniques & Dynamic Multi-Frame Processing Schedule

    2023-2024 VLSI Projects using Verilog

    46. Implementation of Subthreshold Adiabatic Logic for Ultralow-Power Application

    47. In-Field Test for Permanent Faults in FIFO Buffers of NoC Routers

    48. Integrating Lock-Free and Combining Techniques for a Practical and Scalable FIFO Queue

    49. Learning Weighted Lower Linear Envelope Potentials in Binary Markov Random Fields

    50. Level-Converting Retention Flip-Flop for Reducing Standby Power in ZigBee SoCs

    51. Long-Distance Measurement Applying Two High-Stability and Synchronous Wavelengths

    52. Low-Cost High-Performance VLSI Architecture for Montgomery Modular Multiplication

    53. MAC With Action-Dependent State Information at One Encoder

    54. Minimum Parallel Binary Adders with NOR (NAND) Gates

    55. Modified Wallace Tree Multiplier using Efficient Square Root Carry Select Adder

    56. Modulation Classification of Single-Input Multiple-Output Signals Using Asynchronous Sensors

    57. Novel Block-Formulation and Area-Delay-Efficient Reconfigurable Interpolation Filter Architecture for Multi-Standard SDR Applications

    58. Novel Design Algorithm for Low Complexity Programmable FIR Filters Based on Extended Double Base Number System FIR Filter

    59. Novel Reconfigurable Hardware Architecture for Polynomial Matrix Multiplications

    2023-2024 m.tech VLSI Projects

    60. Obfuscating DSP Circuits via High-Level Transformations

    61. One Minimum Only Trellis Decoder for Non-Binary Low-Density Parity-Check Codes

    62. Partially Parallel Encoder Architecture for Long Polar Codes

    63. Pre-Encoded Multipliers Based on Non-Redundant Radix-4 Signed-Digit Encoding

    64. Range Unlimited Delay-Interleaving and –Recycling Clock Skew Compensation and Duty-Cycle Correction Circuit

    65. Recursive Approach to the Design of a Parallel Self-Timed Adder

    66. Reverse Converter Design via Parallel-Prefix Adders: Novel Components, Methodology, and Implementations
    67. Revisiting Central Limit Theorem: Accurate Gaussian Random Number Generation in VLSI

    68. Shift Register Design Using Two Bit Flip-Flop

    69. Signal Design for Multiple Antenna Systems With Spatial Multiplexing and Noncoherent Reception

    70. Synthesis of Genetic Clock with Combinational Biologic Circuits

    71. Timing Error Tolerance in Small Core Designs for SoC Applications

    72. Two-Step Optimization Approach for the Design of Multiplierless Linear-Phase FIR Filters FIR Filter

    73. VLSI-Assisted Non-rigid Registration Using Modified Demons Algorithm

    2023-2024 VLSI Projects using Mentor Graphics

    1.A Bit-Plane Decomposition Matrix-Based VLSI Integer Transform Architecture for HEVC

    2.Probability-Driven Multibit Flip-Flop Integration With Clock Gating

    3.Area-Time Efficient Architecture of FFT-Based Montgomery Multiplication

    4.Reliable Low-Latency Viterbi Algorithm Architectures Benchmarked on ASIC and FPGA

    5.Improved 64-bit Radix-16 Booth Multiplier Based on Partial Product Array Height Reduction

    6.A Structured Visual Approach to GALS Modeling and Verification of Communication Circuits

    7.Weighted Partitioning for Fast Multiplierless Multiple-Constant Convolution Circuit

    8.Low-Latency, Low-Area, and Scalable Systolic-Like Modular Multipliers for GF(2m) Based on Irreducible All-One Polynomials

    9.Probabilistic Error Modeling for Approximate Adders

    10.LFSR-Based Generation of Multicycle Tests

    11.Clock-Gating of Streaming Applications for Energy Efficient Implementations on FPGAs

    12.An Improved DCM-Based Tunable True Random Number Generator for Xilinx FPGA

    13.RoBA Multiplier: A Rounding-Based Approximate Multiplier for High-Speed yet Energy-Efficient Digital Signal Processing

    14.DLAU: A Scalable Deep Learning Accelerator Unit on FPGA

    15.A 4096-Point Radix-4 Memory-Based FFT Using DSP Slices

    16.Design of Efficient Multiplierless Modified Cosine-Based Comb Decimation Filters: Analysis and Implementation

    17.Efficient Hardware Implementation of Probabilistic Gradient Descent Bit-Flipping

    18.Design of Efficient BCD Adders in Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata

    19.Overloaded CDMA Crossbar for Network-On-Chip

    20.High-Throughput and Energy-Efficient Belief Propagation Polar Code Decoder

    21.Design of Power and Area Efficient Approximate Multipliers

    22.An Efficient O(N) Comparison-Free Sorting Algorithm

    23.Energy-Efficient VLSI Realization of Binary64 Division With Redundant Number Systems

    24.A General Digit-Serial Architecture for Montgomery Modular Multiplication

    25.High-Speed Parallel LFSR Architectures Based on Improved State-Space Transformations

    26.Scalable Approach for Power Droop Reduction During Scan-Based Logic BIST

    27.Sign-Magnitude Encoding for Efficient VLSI Realization of Decimal Multiplication

    28.A Memory-Based FFT Processor Design With Generalized Efficient Conflict-Free Address Schemes

    29.On the VLSI Energy Complexity of LDPC Decoder Circuits

    30.Reconfigurable Constant Multiplication for FPGAs

    31.LLR-Based Successive-Cancellation List Decoder for Polar Codes With Multibit Decision

    32.Area-Efficient Architecture for Dual-Mode Double Precision Floating Point Division

    33.Digit-Level Serial-In Parallel-Out Multiplier Using Redundant Representation for a Class of Finite Fields

    34.Dual-Quality 4: 2 Compressors for Utilizing in Dynamic Accuracy Configurable Multipliers

    35.Low-Power Design for a Digit-Serial Polynomial Basis Finite Field Multiplier Using Factoring Technique

    36.Design of Low-Power High-Performance 2-4 and 4-16 Mixed-Logic Line Decoders

    37.Register-Less NULL Convention Logic

    38.Design of Defect and Fault-Tolerant Nonvolatile Spintronic Flip-Flops

    39.Delay Analysis for Current Mode Threshold Logic Gate Designs

    40.10T SRAM Using Half-VDD Precharge and Row-Wise Dynamically Powered Read Port for Low Switching Power and Ultralow RBL Leakage

    41.A Comprehensive Reliability Assessment of Fault-Resilient Network-on-Chip Using Analytical Model

    42.A Hardware-Software Co-designed AES-ECC Cryptosystem

    43.A Uniquified Virtualization Approach to Hardware Security

    44.Compact Constant Weight Coding Engines for the Code Based Cryptography

    45.Construction of Rotation Symmetric S-Boxes with High Nonlinearity and Improved DPA Resistivity

    46.Classification of Error Correcting Codes and Estimation of Interleaver Parameters in a Noisy Transmission Environment

    47.Design and Applications for Embedded Networks-on-Chip on FPGAs

    48.Overloaded CDMA Crossbar for Network-On-Chip

    49.Design and Validation for FPGA Trust under Hardware Trojan Attacks

    50.High-Speed and Low-Latency ECC Processor Implementation Over GF(2 m ) on FPGA

    51.LAXY: A Location-Based Aging-Resilient Xy-Yx Routing Algorithm for Network on Chip

    52.FoToNoC: A Folded Torus-Like Network-on-Chip based Many-Core Systems-on-Chip in the Dark Silicon Era

    53.Lightweight Hardware Architectures for the Present Cipher in FPGA

    54.Multipartite entangled states, symmetric matrices and error-correcting codes

    55.Designing an FPGA-Accelerated Homomorphic Encryption Co-Processor

    56.Post-Quantum Cryptography on FPGA Based on Isogenies on Elliptic Curves

    57.A 2.5-ps Bin Size and 6.7-ps Resolution FPGA Time-to-Digital Converter Based on Delay Wrapping and Averaging

    58.Adaptive Multi-bit Crosstalk-Aware Error Control Coding Scheme for On-Chip Communication

    59.Coordinate Rotation-Based Low Complexity K-Means Clustering Architecture

    60.Low-Power Scan-Based Built-In Self-Test Based on Weighted Pseudorandom Test Pattern Generation and Reseeding

    61.A Way-Filtering-Based Dynamic Logical–Associative Cache Architecture for Low-Energy Consumption

    62.Resource-Efficient SRAM-based Ternary Content Addressable Memory

    63.Write-Amount-Aware Management Policies for STT-RAM Caches

    64.Fault Diagnosis Schemes for Low-Energy Block Cipher Midori Benchmarked on FPGA

    65.High-Throughput and Energy-Efficient Belief Propagation Polar Code Decoder

    66.High-Speed Parallel LFSR Architectures Based on Improved State-Space Transformations

    67.Scalable Approach for Power Droop Reduction During Scan-Based Logic BIST

    68.Stochastic Implementation and Analysis of Dynamical Systems Similar to the Logistic Map

    69.Efficient Designs of Multi-ported Memory on FPGA

    70.High-Speed and Low-Latency ECC Processor Implementation Over GF(2m) on FPGA

    71.An On-Chip Monitoring Circuit for Signal-Integrity Analysis of 8-Gb/s Chip-to-Chip Interfaces With Source-Synchronous Clock

    72.A 2.4–3.6-GHz Wideband Sub-harmonically Injection-Locked PLL with Adaptive Injection Timing Alignment Technique

    73.Hardware-Efficient Built-In Redundancy Analysis for Memory With Various Spares

    74.Fast Automatic Frequency Calibrator Using an Adaptive Frequency Search Algorithm

    75.A High-Efficiency 6.78-MHz Full Active Rectifier with Adaptive Time Delay Control for Wireless Power Transmission

    76.Scalable Device Array for Statistical Characterization of BTI-Related Parameters

    77.VLSI Design of 64bit × 64bit High Performance Multiplier with Redundant Binary Encoding

    78.A Method to Design Single Error Correction Codes with Fast Decoding for a Subset of Critical Bits

    79.ENFIRE: A Spatio-Temporal Fine-Grained Reconfigurable Hardware

    80.Hybrid Hardware/Software Floating-Point Implementations for Optimized Area and Throughput Tradeoffs

    81.Efficient Soft Cancelation Decoder Architectures for Polar Codes

    82.Low-Complexity Digit-Serial Multiplier Over GF(2m) Based on Efficient Toeplitz Block Toeplitz Matrix–Vector Product Decomposition

    83.Hybrid LUT Multiplexer FPGA Logic Architectures

    84.Sign-Magnitude Encoding for Efficient VLSI Realization of Decimal Multiplication

    85.FPGA Realization of Low Register Systolic All-One-Polynomial Multipliers over GF (2m) and Their Applications in Trinomial Multipliers

    86.Low-Complexity Transformed Encoder Architectures for Quasi-Cyclic Non-binary LDPC Codes Over Subfields

    87.Antiwear Leveling Design for SSDs With Hybrid ECC Capability

    88.Energy-Efficient VLSI Realization of Binary64 Division with Redundant Number Systems

    89.A Dual-Clock VLSI Design of H.265 Sample Adaptive Offset Estimation for 8k Ultra-HD TV Encoding

    90.Energy-Efficient Reduce-and-Rank Using Input-Adaptive Approximations

    91.Dual-Quality 4:2 Compressors for Utilizing in Dynamic Accuracy Configurable Multipliers

    92.An FPGA-Based Hardware Accelerator for Traffic Sign Detection

    93.Soft Error Rate Reduction of Combinational Circuits Using Gate Sizing in the Presence of Process Variations

    94.Time-Encoded Values for Highly Efficient Stochastic Circuits

    95.Design of Power and Area Efficient Approximate Multipliers

    96.COMEDI: Combinatorial Election of Diagnostic Vectors From Detection Test Sets for Logic Circuits

    97.Reordering Tests for Efficient Fail Data Collection and Tester Time Reduction

    98.Multicast-Aware High-Performance Wireless Network-on-Chip Architectures

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