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Aeronautical Engineering project Titles


Aeronautical projects Titles—

1. Effect of Trailing edge modifications on flow topology and noise emission from wing
2. Numerical optimisation of aerofoils for a high performance low speed aircraft
3. Investigation on the effect of splitter plates to enhance characteristics of flow around cylinder
4. Shock boundary layer interaction studies using CFD
5. Using Lumped vortex element (LVM) method to predict the aerodynamic performance of an aerofoil
6. Design of a high performance swept wing using CFD
7. Effects of leading edge blowing on transonic flow over open cavity
8. Drag reduction of an aircraft afterbody using passive devices – Experimental and numerical studies
9. Experimental studies on mixing in concurrent cold jets
10. Numerical evaluation of flow over blunt body with mass addition in a hypersonic flow
11. Fluid structure interaction studies at wing body junction
12. CFD analysis of thrust vectoring nozzle
13. Load Estimation of a Helicopter blade using CFD
14. CFD studies on flow over wing with and without de-icing

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