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Antenna Based Projects using Matlab

2023-2024 Antenna Based Projects for ECE

The dielectric loading of a microstrip antenna affects both its radiation pattern and impedance bandwidth. As the dielectric constant of the substrate increases, ANTENNA BASED PROJECTS for ECEthe antenna bandwidth decreases which increases the Q factor of the antenna and therefore decreases the impedance bandwidth. This relationship did not immediately follow when using the transmission line model of the antenna Microstrip Antenna Based Projects

2023-2024 Antenna Based Final year Projects for ECE

Another type of patch antenna is the planar inverted-F antenna (PIFA). The PIFA is common in cellular phones (mobile phones) with built-in antennas.ANTENNA BASED PROJECTS for ECEThe antenna is resonant at a quarter-wavelength (thus reducing the required space needed on the phone), and also typically has good SAR properties. This antenna resembles an inverted F, which explains the PIFA name. The PIFA is popular because it has a low profile and an omnidirectional pattern. Antenna Based Mini Projects using HFSS

2023-2024 Antenna Based Mini Projects for ECE

The half-wave rectangular microstrip antenna has a virtual shorting plane along its center. This may be replaced with a physical shorting plane to create a quarter-wavelength microstrip antenna. This is sometimes called a half-patch. The antenna only has a single radiation edge (equivalent slot) which lowers the directivity/gain of the antenna. The impedance bandwidth is slightly lower than a half-wavelength full patch as the coupling between radiating edges has been eliminated. Antenna Based Major Projects for ECE

2023-2024 Antenna Based Major Projects for ECE

Microstrip antennas have become very popular in recent decades due to their thin planar profile which can be incorporated into the surfaces of consumer products, aircraft and missiles;ANTENNA BASED PROJECTS for ECE their ease of fabrication using printed circuit techniques; the ease of integrating the antenna on the same board with the rest of the circuit, and the possibility of adding active devices such as microwave integrated circuits to the antenna itself to make active antennas.


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Antenna Projects

We Offer the following type of ANTENNA PROJECTS

  • Short Dipole Antenna

  • Dipole Antenna

  • Half-Wave Dipole

  • Broadband Dipoles

  • Monopole Antenna

  • Folded Dipole Antenna

  • Loop Antenna

  • Cloverleaf Antenna

    AN001 Dual-Band and Tri-Band Parasitic Dipole Antennas for Wearable Applications 2019
    AN002 ESPAR Antenna for V2X Applications in 802.11p Frequency Band 2019
    AN003 A High-Performance Radome for Millimeter Wave Antenna Applications 2019
    AN004 A Horizontally Polarized Omnidirectional Antenna Array with Side-Lobe Suppression 2019
    AN005 Compact Planar UWB Elliptical Vivaldi Antenna 2020
    AN006 Offset-Fed and Offset-Beam OAM Reflectarray Antenna with Wide Angular Stability 2019
    AN007 Design of an X-band Phased Antenna Array on Parabolic Reflector Antennas with Beam Steering by Phase Center Displacement Control 2019
    AN008 Design and Analysis of planar inverted Leaf antenna for WLAN applications 2019
    AN009 A Planar Flexible Quad-band Antenna for WLAN/WiMAX/LTE Applications 2019
    AN010 A Numerical Analysis of Compact/Wideband Antenna Performance for DTT Reception on Mobile Terminals 2019
    AN011 Compact Planer UWB Antenna for High Speed Communications 2019
    AN012 A Switchable S-/C-Band Antenna Array with Dual Polarization and Modularity 2019
    AN013 Design of a Broadband Base Station Antenna Based on Tightly Coupled Structure 2019
    AN014 An X-Band Oblique Polarized Antenna Array 2019
    AN015 A Highly-Integrated MIMO Antenna Unit 2019

    Antenna based Projects

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    1. A novel metamaterial element for compressed sensing imaging system

    2. Achievable rate analysis for full-duplex relay networks with spatial modulation

    3. Amplitude-Monopulse Radar Lab Using WiFi Cards

    4. Analysis of Planar Beam Steering Array Antenna for Q- Band Applications

    5. Comparison of Bit Error Rate Evaluation for SISO and MIMO System by CPM Modulation Technique Using Matlab

    6. Design and Analysis of 2×4 Planar Array Antenna with Beam Steering Facility

    7. MATLAB Program for Dielectric Lens Antenna Shaping
    8. Multistatic Holographic Imaging for Breast Cancer Detection

    9. Optimization of Circularly Polarized Corner Truncated Patch with Matlab Antenna Toolbox

    10. Polarization control of bulk acoustic wave-mediated multiferroic antennas based on thickness shear modes

    11. Received Signal Strength Variation for a Typical Suburban Environment

    12. Scalability Analysis for Designing Large-Scale Antenna Array Using Sub-Array

    13. Sidelobe Suppression in Resonant Cavity Antennas through Near-field Analysis

    14. Synthetic Aperture Radar with Virtual Non- Uniform Antenna Array

    15. Verification of A MATLAB Program for Shaped Dual Reflector Antenna


    Antenna Based Final year Projects for ECE

    2023-2024 Antenna Based Projects using Matlab

    The most common type of microstrip antenna is the patch antenna. Antennas using patches as constitutive elements in an array are also possible. A patch antenna is a narrowband, wide-beam antenna fabricated by etching the antenna element pattern in metal trace bonded to an insulating dielectric substrate, ANTENNA BASED Final year PROJECTS for ECE such as a printed circuit board, with a continuous metal layer bonded to the opposite side of the substrate which forms a ground plane. Common microstrip antenna shapes are square, rectangular, circular and elliptical, but any continuous shape is possible. Some patch antennas do not use a dielectric substrate and instead are made of a metal patch mounted above a ground plane using dielectric spacers; the resulting structure is less rugged but has a wider bandwidth. Because such antennas have a very low profile, are mechanically rugged and can be shaped to conform to the curving skin of a vehicle, they are often mounted on the exterior of aircraft and spacecraft, or are incorporated into mobile radio communications devices. It is used in telecommunication
    Antenna Based Projects for ECE

    2023-2024 Microstrip Antenna Based Projects

    In telecommunication, a microstrip antenna (also known as a printed antenna) usually means an antenna fabricated using microstrip techniques on a printed circuit board (PCB). It is a kind of Internal Antenna.They are mostly used at microwave frequencies. ANTENNA BASED Final year PROJECTS for ECEAn individual microstrip antenna consists of a patch of metal foil of various shapes (a patch antenna) on the surface of a PCB(printed circuit board), with a metal foil ground plane on the other side of the board. Most microstrip antennas consist of multiple patches in a two-dimensional array. The antenna is usually connected to the transmitter or receiver through foil microstrip transmission lines. The radio frequency current is applied (or in receiving antennas the received signal is produced) between the antenna and ground plane. ANSYS HFSS is a 3D electromagnetic (EM) simulation software for designing and simulating high-frequency electronic products such as antennas, antenna arrays,Antenna Based Mini Projects using HFSS RF or microwave components, high-speed interconnects, filters, connectors, IC packages and printed circuit boards. Engineers worldwide use ANSYS HFSS to design high-frequency, high-speed electronics found in communications systems, radar systems, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), satellites, internet-of-things (IoT) products and other high-speed RF and digital devices. Antenna Based Mini Projects using HFSS:HFSS (High Frequency Structure Simulator) employs versatile solvers and an intuitive GUI to give you unparalleled performance plus deep insight into all your 3D EM problems. Through integration with ANSYS thermal, structural and fluid dynamics tools, HFSS provides a powerful and complete multiphysics analysis of electronic products, ensuring their thermal and structural reliability. HFSS is synonymous with gold standard accuracy and reliability for tackling 3D EM challenges by virtue of its automatic adaptive meshing technique and sophisticated solvers, which can be accelerated through high performance computing (HPC) technology. Antenna Based Mini Projects using HFSSThe ANSYS HFSS simulation suite consists of a comprehensive set of solvers to address diverse electromagnetic problems ranging in detail and scale from passive IC components to extremely large-scale EM analyses such as automotive radar scenes for ADAS systems. Its reliable automatic adaptive mesh refinement lets you focus on the design instead of spending time determining and creating the best mesh. Antenna Based Mini Projects using HFSSThis automation and guaranteed accuracy differentiates HFSS from all other EM simulators, which require manual user control and multiple solutions to ensure that the generated mesh is suitable and accurate. With ANSYS HFSS, the physics defines the mesh rather than the mesh defining the physics. ANSYS HFSS is the premier EM tool for R&D and virtual design prototyping. It reduces design cycle time and boosts your product’s reliability and performance. Beat the competition and capture your market with ANSYS HFSS.

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