2022-2023 COMSOL Projects

    Antenna Based Projects using Matlab

    Comsol Simulation of Battery

    In order to make the thermal simulation experiments more comparative and illustrative, the number of batteries and the number of inlets and outlets of the two structures are the same.
    Antenna Based Projects using Matlab

    lithium ion battery simulation comsol

    For the cooling and heat dissipation of lithium battery pack, two cooling channel structures are feasible.The outer wall of the serpentine cooling channel is closely attached to the lithium battery to ensure the largest contact area between the battery pack and the cooling channel. In the serpentine cooling channel, m1 (mm) denotes the thickness of the cooling plate, and m2 (mm) is the thickness.
    Antenna Based Projects using Matlab

    Back Bay Battery Simulation

    Traditional fuel vehicles have been an important source of air and environmental pollution . The new energy vehicles have gradually attracted people’s attention because of their low energy consumption and low pollution
    Antenna Based Projects using Matlab

    Back Bay Battery Simulation

    A stable and efficient cooling and heat dissipation system of lithium battery pack is very important for electric vehicles. The temperature uniformity design of the battery packs has become essential. In this paper, an optimization design framework is proposed to minimize the maximum temperature difference (MTD) of automotive lithium battery pack.
battery simulation in comsol


Antenna Based Projects using Matlab

Battery Simulation in Comsol


COM01 Experimental investigation on performance of lithium-ion battery thermal management system using flat plate loop
heat pipe for electric vehicle application
COM02 Thermal management of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles 2022
COM03 Targeting plug-in hybrid electric vehicle policies to increase social benefits 2021
COM04 Design of a hybrid electric vehicle powertrain for performance optimization considering various powertrain
components and configurations
COM05 A novel battery thermal management system using nano-enhanced phase change materials 2020


Recycling Batteries

Electric-drive vehicles are relatively new to the U.S. auto market, so only a small number of them have approached the end of their useful lives. As electric-drive vehicles become increasingly common, the battery-recycling market may expand.

Widespread battery recycling would keep hazardous materials from entering the waste stream, both at the end of a battery's useful life and during its production. The material recovery from recycling would also reintroduce critical materials back into the supply chain and would increase the domestic sources for such materials. Work is now underway to develop battery-recycling processes that minimize the life-cycle impacts of using lithium-ion and other kinds of batteries in vehicles. But not all recycling processes are the same and require different methods of separation for material recovery:

  • Smelting: Smelting processes recover basic elements or salts. These processes are operational now on a large scale and can accept multiple kinds of batteries, including lithium-ion and nickel-metal hydride. Smelting takes place at high temperatures where organic materials, including the electrolyte and carbon anodes, are burned as fuel or reductant. The valuable metals are recovered and sent to refining so that the product is suitable for any use. The other materials, including lithium, are contained in the slag, which is now used as an additive in concrete.
  • Direct recovery: At the other extreme, some recycling processes directly recover battery-grade materials. Components are separated by a variety of physical and chemical processes, and all active materials and metals can be recovered. Direct recovery is a low-temperature process with minimal energy requirement.
  • Intermediate processes: The third type of process is between the two extremes. Such processes may accept multiple kinds of batteries, unlike direct recovery, but recover materials further along the production chain than smelting does.

battery Based Simulation Projects
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