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Antenna Based Projects using Matlab

2023-2024 Antenna Based Projects for ECE

The growing demand for telecommunications services is stimulating the development of new call-handling technologies. Each generation of mobile technologies has brought with it an increase in the data transmission speed along with improved connection quality and new functionalities Microstrip Antenna Based Projects

2023-2024 Antenna Based Final year Projects for ECE

The new technology will make use of low, medium, and high frequency bands, all of which have their advantages and limitations Antenna Based Mini Projects using HFSS

2023-2024 Antenna Based Mini Projects for ECE

The 5G network makes use of new technological solutions to meet the growing requirements of users. As a result, the new system will be able to handle an increasing number of devices, and to satisfy higher quality thresholds required by modern applications. Antenna Based Major Projects for ECE

2023-2024 Antenna Based Major Projects for ECE

Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are one dimensional materials and present rare electronic and electromagnetic characteristics such as high conductivity, defining very low resistive losses in the antenna.


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Antenna Projects

We Offer the following type of CST Microwave Studio ANTENNA PROJECTS

  • CST Microwave Studio Projects
    CST001 Development of high frequency band over 6 GHz for 5G mobile communication systems. 2023
    CST002 Multiple antennas for future 4G/5G smartphone applications 2022
    CST003 Frequency-fixed beamscanning leaky-wave antenna using electronically controllable corrugated microstrip line. 2023
    CST004 Graphene-based microwave antennas with reconfigurable pattern. 2023
    CST005 Design of dual band 5G antenna array with SAR analysis for future mobile handsets 2022

    Antenna based Projects

    What is a Dipole Antenna?

    A dipole antenna (also known as a doublet or dipole aerial) is defined as a type of RF (Radio Frequency) antenna, consisting of two conductive elements such as rods or wires. The dipole is any one of the varieties of antenna that produce a radiation pattern approximating that of an elementary electric dipole. Dipole antennas are the simplest and most widely used type of antenna. A ‘dipole’ means ‘two poles’ hence the dipole antenna consists of two identical conductive elements such as rods or metal wires. The length of the metal wires is approximately half of the maximum wavelength (i.e.,= \frac{\lambda}{2}) in free space at the frequency of operation.


    Gain of dipole antennas
    Length, L, in wavelengths Directive gain (dBi) Notes
    ≪0.5 1.76 Poor efficiency
    0.5 2.15 Most common
    1.0 4.0 Only with fat dipoles
    1.25 5.2 Best gain
    1.5 3.5 Third harmonic
    2.0 4.3 Not used


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