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2023 Data Mining IEEE Projects

DBMS Project for Engineering - MCA- BCA

1.DBMS project on art gallery

2.DBMS project on pharmacy

3.DBMS project on online shopping

4.DBMS project on online voting system

5.DBMS project on college management system

6.DBMS project on railway reservation system

7.DBMS project on football tournament

8.DBMS project on cricket

9.DBMS project on atm management system

DBMS Projects for Engineering Students

11.DBMS project on bank management system

12.DBMS project on blood bank management system

13.DBMS project on blood donation system

14.DBMS project on bus reservation system

15.DBMS project on blood bank

16.DBMS mini project on banking system

17.DBMS project on telephone billing system

18.DBMS project on online bookstore

19.DBMS project on electricity bill

20.DBMS project for library management system

21.DBMS project on gym management system

22.DBMS project on hospital management system

23.DBMS project on hotel management system

DBMS Projects Using Java

24.DBMS project on healthcare management system

25.DBMS project on hostel management system

26.DBMS mini project on inventory management system

27.DBMS project on insurance management system

28.DBMS project on student information system

29.DBMS project on Ipl

30.DBMS project on medical store

31.DBMS project on metro cash and carry

32.DBMS project on movies

33.DBMS project on mall management system

34.DBMS project on messaging software

35.DBMS project on restaurant management system

36.DBMS project on online examination

37.DBMS project on police station

38.DBMS project on real estate management

39.DBMS project on airline reservation system

40.DBMS project on stock market

DBMS Project Using Python

41.DBMS project on student attendance management system

42.DBMS project on school management system

43.DBMS project on social networking

44.DBMS project on sports

45.DBMS project on supermarket

46.DBMS project on salary management

47.DBMS project on banking system

48.DBMS project on telephone billing system

49.DBMS project on tourism

50.DBMS project on travel agency

51.DBMS project bus ticket reservation

52.DBMS project on university management system

53.DBMS project on election voting system

54.DBMS mini project on tourism

IEEE Data Mining 10 Algorithms

A Brief History of DBMS

A Database Management System (DBMS) allows a person to organize, store, and retrieve data from a computer. It is a way of communicating with a computer’s “stored memory.” In the very early years of computers, “punch cards” were used for input, output, and data storage. Punch cards offered a fast way to enter data, and to retrieve it. Herman Hollerith is given credit for adapting the punch cards used for weaving looms to act as the memory for a mechanical tabulating machine, in 1890. Much later, databases came along.

2023-2024 DBMS Project Topics using SQL

What is SQL in DBMS ?
Data Mining Concepts and Techniques
NoSQL (“Not only” Structured Query Language) came about as a response to the Internet and the need for faster speed and the processing of unstructured data. Generally speaking, NoSQL databases are preferable in certain use cases to relational databases because of their speed and flexibility. The NoSQL model is non-relational and uses a “distributed” database system. This non-relational system is fast, uses an ad-hoc method of organizing data, and processes high-volumes of different kinds of data.


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