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RCNN Object Detection Python

  • What is RCNN Object Detection

    Computer vision is an interdisciplinary field that has been gaining huge amounts of traction in the recent years(since CNN) and self-driving cars have taken centre stage. Another integral part of computer vision is object detection. Object detection aids in pose estimation, vehicle detection, surveillance etc. The difference between object detection algorithms and classification algorithms is that in detection algorithms, we try to draw a bounding box around the object of interest to locate it within the image.

  • Fast R-CNN

    Some of the drawbacks of R-CNN to build a faster object detection algorithm and it was called Fast R-CNN. The approach is similar to the R-CNN algorithm. But, instead of feeding the region proposals to the CNN, we feed the input image to the CNN to generate a convolutional feature map. From the convolutional feature map, we identify the region of proposals and warp them into squares and by using a RoI pooling layer we reshape them into a fixed size so that it can be fed into a fully connected layer. From the RoI feature vector, we use a softmax layer to predict the class of the proposed region and also the offset values for the bounding box.

  • Faster R-CNN

    Both of the above algorithms(R-CNN & Fast R-CNN) uses selective search to find out the region proposals. Selective search is a slow and time-consuming process affecting the performance of the network. Therefore, Shaoqing Ren et al. came up with an object detection algorithm that eliminates the selective search algorithm and lets the network learn the region proposals.


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