Battery Drive Motorized Agriculture Weeder

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Battery Drive Motorized Agriculture Weeder Project

Engine Driven Agriculture Weeder Project

Battery Drive Motorized Agriculture Weeder

Abstract: The effective design of weed removing machine is to minimize the time taken for removing weed present between the growing plants.The vertical adjustment is to increase and decrease the height of the secondary rotating shaft and the rotary blades.It is mainly focused to increase the growth rate of plants.The horizontal distance can be adjusted by increasing the distance between the individual blades of the machine.The blades are rotated in clockwise direction with respect to the weed elimination.The depth of the removal is controlled by the handle.The power is transmitted from engine to the primary shaft.The primary shaft is connected to secondary shaft.The cam shape of shaft is to transmit the power to the blade by using chain drive.The specification of design is the number of blades, which can be increased and decreased with respect to our requirement.The compact design is very helpful for in the field of agriculture.Agriculture is most important in our life and nation.So that there are various farm machines available in every countries.The individual plants are specialized in surroundings and soil classification.The productivity can be improved by using hybrid seeds and artificial fertilizers.Agriculture mainly depends on weather condition,water resource,seeds and fertilizers.The weather condition cant be controlled by any external sources.The climatic conditions also reduces the water level due to evaporation.The above causes cant be controlled.But the selection of the seed and fertilizer can be controlled.After the cultivation process seeds are placed under the soil.The growth of the plants is done by applying water and fertilizer.The weeds are grown automatically by absorbing some amount of water,fertilizers.The initial cultivation is done by the advanced machines and the final cultivation of productivity is done by the machines.There are many innovations introduced in various machines for agriculture.-Fabrication of Agriculture Weeder.
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