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2023-2024 Java Project Topics for Computer Science

Abstract: Web browsers are enticing attack vectors because they provide an interface to the Internet. Extensions add capabilities to the browsers, and therefore are attractive to attackers. These capabilities are obtained through extension privileges. JAVA Projects for ITSome of these privileges are necessary for extensions to perform their claimed functionalities. However, an extension may have some unrequired privileges. Over-privileged extensions may be misused to compromise systems. The authors propose an Over-Privileged EXtension Analyser (OPEXA), to assist security experts in detecting suspicious extensions. JAVA Projects for IT Students OPEXA predicts the intended privileges of extensions based on their descriptions, which are stated by developers in natural language. They utilise this method because real users decide whether to install extensions based on descriptions. They use a supervised machine learning method to train a multi-label classifier that predicts the desired privileges. The extension is assumed to be suspicious if there exists at least one privilege in the extension that is not considered necessary by OPEXA. They evaluate their method on two datasets that consist of real extensions developed in new and old architectures of Firefox. JAVA Projects for IT Engineering StudentsAccording to the results, they can detect all of over-privileged extensions in these datasets. Their approach can minimise security expert's workload by automating the extension checking process.
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2023-2024 Java Projects for Engineering Students

1. Equivalent key attack against a public-key cryptosystem based on subset sum problem

2. Using opcode sequences in single-class learning to detect unknown malware

3. Attribute-based signature scheme with constant size signature in the standard model

4. Adaptive and attribute-based trust model for service level agreement guarantee in cloud computing

5. New certificateless short signature scheme

6. Protect white-box AES to resist table composition attacks

7. Compact and low-power ASIP design for lightweight PUF-based authentication protocols

8. Versatile virtual honeynet management framework

9. Privacy preserving big data mining: association rule hiding using fuzzy logic approach

10. Information security collaboration formation in organisations

2023-2024 JAVA Projects for IT

11. Weak keys of the full MISTY1 block cipher for related-key amplified boomerang cryptanalysis

12. Trade-off between self-healing and energy consumption in mobile unattended WSNs

13. Design and logical analysis on the access authentication scheme for satellite mobile communication networks

14. Identity management and trusted interaction in internet and mobile computing

15. Attribute-based encryption implies identity-based encryption

2023-2024 JAVA Projects for IT Students

16. Personalised anonymity for microdata release

17. Generalisation of Hadamard matrix to generate involutory MDS matrices for lightweight cryptography

18. Method for measuring the privacy level of pre-published dataset

19. Guess-and-determine attacks on PANAMA-like stream ciphers

20. Server notaries: a complementary approach to the web PKI trust model

2023-2024 JAVA Projects for IT Engineering Students

21. Robustness of text-based completely automated public turing test to tell computers and humans apart

22. A secure data backup scheme using multi-factor authentication

23. Database authentication watermarking scheme in encrypted domain

24. Efficient revocable and grantable attribute-based encryption from lattices with fine-grained access control

2023-2024 BCA Projects for 6th Sem


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2023-2024 Java Project Topics for Computer Science

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