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2023-2024 IEEE Projects for CSE in Android

Abstract:IT Projects for Final Year Students This study investigates the performance analysis of mobile unattended wireless sensor networks (UWSNs) during the self-healing process under informed movement inside a cluster of healed and sick sensors. Introducing mobility within a cluster can increase the chance that a sick sensor has healthy neighbours and this will aid the sick sensor to be healed faster and better. However, sensor mobility is considered as one of the most energy consuming factors in UWSNs. IT IEEE ProjectsThis study proposes a new self-healing scheme based on a single flow controlled mobility within a cluster to make a trade-off between self-healing and energy consumption in mobile UWSNs. The obtained results show that using the proposed scheme, UWSNs can exploit controlled sensor mobility to enhance network capability in terms of self-healing and reduce the communication-related energy consumption.IT Projects Ideas for Students In addition, the proposed scheme with single flow controlled mobility does not disturb the number of neighbours per sensor and the network coverage. It is important for security of satellite mobile communication networks to design an efficient access authentication process. A two-way access authentication scheme among mobile users, gateways and the Network Control Centre (NCC) is designed in this study. The authentication scheme consists of four phases: mobile users registration, mobile users management, mobile authentication and mobile authentication update. Furthermore, the Syverson-van Oorschot (SVO) logic is introduced to reason the authentication scheme to verify the security. IEEE Projects for CSEThis scheme highlights the authentication role of gateways, and decreases the authentication computation load of the NCC. The access authentication scheme can resist attacks from any side, including the identity spoofing, tampering, replay etc.IEEE Projects for CSE in Android The integrity of the transmission data is also protected. Therefore the security for satellite mobile communication networks is enhanced. This access authentication scheme is implemented on the developed satellite mobile communication simulation platform. The obtained simulation results suggest that the authenticated overheads for audio service and video service are low, and the proposed scheme does not degrade the quality of service (QoS) of the satellite mobile communication.

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2023-2024 BCA Projects for 6th Sem


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2023-2024 IEEE Projects for CSE

“Information Technology”, or IT - its more popular acronym, is a pretty broad term. It covers a whole range of career paths that diverge into fascinating and lucrative specializations in the digital world. If you’re looking to join the ranks of IT experts, it might seem a bit overwhelming to try to decipher exactly what these job titles all mean—especially if you’re looking for a way to start your career in IT.

To save you a bit of work, we’ve collected some of the most common job titles you’ll come across during your research, and summarized what each job description typically looks like and what skills are needed.  Here are six different types of jobs in information technology.

1. Technical Support

Tech support is generally what most non-IT folk think of when they imagine an information technology department. These types of IT experts can be known by a variety of titles—“help desk technicians,” “operations analysts,” or “problem managers”—but at the end of the day, their main job is to provide expert troubleshooting advice to clients. Technical support typically handles both hardware and software issues at the user level, helping out the less tech-savvy with their computer problems—making communication skills, problem solving, and well-rounded tech knowledge an asset.

2. Programmers

Computer programmers are the brains behind software functions—they write and test the code that makes up software programs. This might range from simple computer games or word processors all the way up to complicated operating systems and database management systems. The type of skills you need typically depends on what specific area you’re programming in—but attention to detail, logical thinking, and teamwork are all assets to get this important job done right.

3. Web Developers

Web developers often have the most visible jobs. They’re the ones who are responsible for building websites and the infrastructures behind them—making a careful balance of creativity and technical prowess a must for those looking to join this area of information technology.  Web developers may also be known as “web producers,” “multimedia architects,” and “internet engineers”, making their titles as diverse as their work portfolios.

4. Computer Systems Analyst

Computer systems analysts are the multitaskers of information technology; they have to understand computer hardware, software, and networks—and how they all come to work together. It’s a large part of their job to make recommendations to their company for which systems are the best to use, and to tailor them to best suit their organization’s needs—including costs. This job requires a multitude of different skills, including the ability to analyze information quickly and effectively, excellent communication, and the ability to persuade when necessary.

5. IT Security

IT security is one of the biggest up-and-coming areas of tech in the market today—they’re in charge of keeping organizations safe from malicious digital attacks. This includes implementing and running security software, scanning for abnormalities, upgrading systems, and keeping their company informed of the risks involved in daily activities. This job requires a lot of problem solving, crisis management, and effective communication between team members and higher-ups.

6. Network Engineer

Network engineers have a lot on their plate in terms of duties—they’re in charge of setting up, administering, and maintaining and upgrading local and wide area networks for an organization. Depending on the job description, they may also be responsible for security, data, storage, and disaster recovery. Because of their heavy work load, a computer science degree is typically needed to do this job effectively, but planning, analysis, and problem solving skills are all assets for those looking to join this career path.


1. Physical feasibility of QKD based on probabilistic quantum circuits

2. Detection and differentiation of application layer DDoS attack from flash events using fuzzy-GA computation

3. OPEXA: analyser assistant for detecting over-privileged extensions

4. Improved integral attacks without full codebook

5. Vulnerability modelling of crypto-chips against scan-based attacks

6. Intelligent rule-based phishing websites classification

7. Detection and differentiation of application layer DDoS attack from flash events using fuzzy-GA computation

8. CryptoSAT: a tool for SAT-based cryptanalysis

9. Empirical analysis of Tor Hidden Services

10. Malware classification based on API calls and behaviour analysis

IEEE Projects for CSE 2024

11. Intelligent rule-based phishing websites classification

12. Supervised learning framework for covert channel detection in LTE-A

13. Analysis of Bayesian classification-based approaches for Android malware detection

14. Efficient batch identity-based fully homomorphic encryption scheme in the standard model

15. Physical feasibility of QKD based on probabilistic quantum circuits

16. Anomaly-based exploratory analysis and detection of exploits in android mediaserver

17. Vulnerability modelling of crypto-chips against scan-based attacks

18. Attribute-based broadcast encryption scheme for lightweight devices

19. Improved integral attacks without full codebook

20. Hash-One: a lightweight cryptographic hash function

2024 IEEE Projects for CSE in Android

21. Analysing HSTS and HPKP implementation in both browsers and servers

22. Analysis of the adoption of security headers in HTTP

23. Mimic defense: a designed-in cybersecurity defense framework

24. OPEXA: analyser assistant for detecting over-privileged extensions

25. Framework for practical and receipt-free remote voting

26. Parallel multiple pattern matching schemes based on cuckoo filter for deep packet inspection on graphics processing units

27. RTTV: a dynamic CFI measurement tool based on TPM

28. Least lion optimisation algorithm (LLOA) based secret key generation for privacy preserving association rule hiding

29. Preprocessing optimisation: revisiting recursive-BKZ lattice reduction algorithm

30. Multi-objective auto-regressive whale optimisation for traffic-aware routing in urban VANET

2024 IT Projects ideas for Students

31. Smartphone passcode prediction

32. Efficient revocable and grantable attribute-based encryption from lattices with fine-grained access control

33. Database authentication watermarking scheme in encrypted domain

34. A secure data backup scheme using multi-factor authentication

35. Robustness of text-based completely automated public turing test to tell computers and humans apart

36. Server notaries: a complementary approach to the web PKI trust model

37. Guess-and-determine attacks on PANAMA-like stream ciphers

38. Method for measuring the privacy level of pre-published dataset

39. Generalisation of Hadamard matrix to generate involutory MDS matrices for lightweight cryptography

40. Personalised anonymity for microdata release

2024 IT IEEE Projects

41. Attribute-based encryption implies identity-based encryption

42. Identity management and trusted interaction in internet and mobile computing

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