2018-2019 Mechanical Projects

2018-2019 Mechanical Projects

2018-2019 Mechanical engineering Projects

2018-2019 mechanical projects,mechanical engineering projects
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2018-2019 Latest Mechanical Projects Titles

1. multi operated machine

2. pneumatic based nipper for mechanical industries

3. digital counting machine implementing conveyours using metal detection sensor

4. pneumatic ramming machine

5. fabrication of board cleaner mechanism using rack and pinion

6. fabrication of elctromagnetic break

7. fabrication of hybrid vehicle

8. fabrication of automatic head lamp aligment system with dim / brigt controller

9. pedal operated cell phone charger

10. fabrication of solar race car

This is a list of project topics done by the students in spring 2013 followed by their last name: 1. Electric Grid, Wurm 2. Energy for Producing, Using and Disposing Electronic Gadgets, Deitz 3. Batteries, Gabriel 4. Motors and Turbines, Brown 5. Unconventional Oil and Gas, Phillips 6. Energy and Embodied Energy, Wierwille 7. Wood as Furniture, Construction material and Bio Fuel, Galang 8. Thermodynamics of Driven Systems, Hegarty

NVH of engine/powertrain/driveline/accessories/intake/exhaust numerical methods and NVH measurement passive and active NVH control materials and methods used to solve NVH problems ground, marine, and aerospace vehicles dynamics, stability, and NVH.


Mechanical Projects

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