Automatic Stamping Labeling Machine Using PLC

Automatic Stamping Labeling Machine Using PLC report


Automatic Stamping Labeling Machine Using PLC

Automatic Stamping Labeling Machine Using PLC project

Abstract: This project is based on the concept of Automatic Rubber Stamp object printing machine by using plc.In order to ensure the reliable printing mechanism this replaces traditional hand stamping on any object. In this automated system we replaces traditional hand stamping method by automatic Printing. Now this automatic object printing machine consist of conveyor belt mechanism on which we place any object to be printed also we interface two sensor that IR sensor and limit switch to detect the object we use DC motor to run the conveyor belt and when the conveyor starts IR sensor will detect the position of the object. When object is detected IR sensor will indicate a signal to the PLC and the PLC will stop the conveyor motor, the second motor will start to print the stamp on the object. After specified time the conveyor will start again and process will continue to print next object. The conventional method for object printing and counting is manual, time consuming and in non-automatic form. Continuous printing and counting leads to hand and eye fatigue and requires lots of efforts and also affects the accuracy to results so the manual method must be replaced by computer vision as the result of this method is erroneous and time consuming.Automatic printing of object has received significant attention because automatic printing is reliable and reproducible. This not only reduces manual efforts but also gives more time for marketing also prevent danger which might occur when human being works in hazardous environment. Automation greatly improves the productivity and it is highly scalable.

Stamping Labeling Machine Using PLC

In this project, we propose a system which uses low cost and open source software for achieving the goal of printing the objects. We use PLC with IR Sensors to detect the object. The proposed model has a conveyor belt run with the help of dc motor and corresponding pulleys at the motor and its opposite ends which constantly run at a desirable speed with the help of PLC. The conveyor belt is starts with the help of 16 rpm DC motor and then the Material is fed on the feed-side of the belt

This mechanism with the IR sensor it will detect the object on the conveyor as the object is detected the conveyor motor stops after that the stamp motor of 20 rpm will start and the printing on the object is done and meanwhile the counting of object will display on the PLC display. after that the stamp motor will stop and the conveyor motor start and then next object will landed on the rotating conveyor belt and that will be detected by IR Sensor. The pulley that drives conveyor belt is called drivepulley or transmission drum the other one only used to change conveyor belt movement direction–is called bend pulley. Drive pulley is driven by the DC motor. It can also have a guiding pulley which just guides the motion of the conveyor belt between the drive and the bend pulley. rubber Stamping Labeling Machine Using PLC