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2023-2024 IEEE Projects foe ECE

History of Very Large Scale Integration(VLSI):
The history of the transistor dates to the 1920s when several inventors attempted devices that were intended to control current in solid-state diodes and convert them into triodes. Success came after World War II, when the use of silicon and germanium crystals as radar detectors led to improvements in fabrication and theory. Scientists who had worked on radar returned to solid-state device development. With the invention of transistors at Bell Labs in 1947, the field of electronics shifted from vacuum tubes to solid-state device. With the small transistor at their hands, electrical engineers of the 1950s saw the possibilities of constructing far more advanced circuits. However, as the complexity of circuits grew, problems arose.

2023-2024 IEEE Projects foe EEE

These components typically include a central processing unit (CPU), memory, input/output ports and secondary storage before progressing to LSI (large scale integration). That progression tracked the increasing numbers of transistors that were being placed on single chips, culminating in VLSI, which came to describe chips with more than 100,000 transistors. VLSI started out offering software design services that helped semiconductor manufacturers develop and produce advanced integrated circuits.

2023-2024 VLSI Projects using VHDL

System On a Chip Design:
VLSI worked with clients to design chips for specific applications. It could also produce ASICs, as well as more conventional chips, through its high-tech foundry (wafer processing facility). Indeed, VLSI became a sort of one-stop shop for companies that needed semiconductors; it helped its customers design application-specific chips using its proprietary design technology, manufactured the chips, and then helped the customer employ the chips.

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VLSI Projects

2023-2024 VLSI Projects using Cadence Tool

Why Xilinx to Intel FPGA Design Conversion?

To successfully convert a Xilinx® -targeted design for use in an Intel® FPGA device, you must consider the following aspects:
  • Replacing Xilinx® primitives with Intel® FPGA primitives, IP cores, or constraints.
  • Replacing Vivado® IP Catalog modules with IP cores generated with the Intel® FPGA IP Catalog.
  • Expressing timing, device, and placement constraints found in the Xilinx® design with their counterpart in the Intel® Quartus® Prime software.
  • If applicable, setting up the simulation environment.

VLSI Projects

VLSI FPGA vs ASIC comparison summary

1 Reconfigurable circuit. FPGAs can be reconfigured with a different design. They even have capability to reconfigure a part of chip while remaining areas of chip are still working! This feature is widely used in accelerated computing in data centres. Permanent circuitry. Once the application specific circuit is taped-out into silicon, it cannot be changed. The circuit will work same for its complete operating life.
2 Design is specified generally using hardware description languages (HDL) such as VHDL or Verilog. Same as for FPGA. Design is specified using HDL such as Verilog, VHDL etc.
3 Easier entry-barrier. One can get started with FPGA development for as low as USD $30. Very high entry-barrier in terms of cost, learning curve, liaising with semiconductor foundry etc. Starting ASIC development from scratch can cost well into millions of dollars.
4 Not suited for very high-volume mass production. Suited for very high-volume mass production.
5 Less energy efficient, requires more power for same function which ASIC can achieve at lower power. Much more power efficient than FPGAs. Power consumption of ASICs can be very minutely controlled and optimized.
6 Limited in operating frequency compared to ASIC of similar process node. The routing and configurable logic eat up timing margin in FPGAs. ASIC fabricated using the same process node can run at much higher frequency than FPGAs since its circuit is optimized for its specific function.
7 Analog designs are not possible with FPGAs. Although FPGAs may contain specific analog hardware such as PLLs, ADC etc, they are not much flexible to create for example RF transceivers VLSI Projects.
ASICs can have complete analog circuitry, for example WiFi transceiver, on the same die along with microprocessor cores. This is the advantage which FPGAs lack.
8 FPGAs are highly suited for applications such as Radars, Cell Phone Base Stations etc where the current design might need to be upgraded to use better algorithm or to a better design. In these applications, the high-cost of FPGAs is not the deciding factor. Instead, programmability is the deciding factor. ASICs are definitely not suited for application areas where the design might need to be upgraded frequently or once-in-a-while.
9 Preferred for prototyping and validating a design or concept. Many ASICs are prototyped using FPGAs themselves! Major processor manufacturers themselves use FPGAs to validate their System-on-Chips (SoCs). It is easier to make sure design is working correctly as intended using FPGA prototyping. It is not recommended to prototype a design using ASICs unless it has been absolutely validated. Once the silicon has been taped out, almost nothing can be done to fix a design bug (exceptions apply).
10 FPGA designers generally do not need to care for back-end design. Everything is handled by synthesis and routing tools which make sure the design works as described in the RTL code and meets timing. So, designers can focus into getting the RTL design done. ASIC designers need to care for everything from RTL down to reset tree, clock tree, physical layout and routing, process node, manufacturing constraints (DFM), testing constraints (DFT) etc. Generally, each of the mentioned area is handled by different specialist person.


1.A low-power FPGA implementation of eye tracking

2.Deep-Pipelined FPGA Implementation of Ellipse Estimation for Eye Tracking


4.FPGA implementation of real-time human motion recognition on a reconfigurable video processing architecture


6.An Efficient Low Power Viterbi Decoder Design using T-algorithm

7.Design of high speed low power viterbi decoder for TCM system

8.Low-power VLSI decoder architectures for LDPC codes

9.An efficient VLSI architecture for nonbinary LDPC decoder with adaptive message control

10.FPGA architecture for fast parallel computation of co-occurrence matrices

2023-2024 IEEE Projects in Bangalore

11.FPGA Implementation of QPSK Modulator Based on Matlab / Xilinx System Generator

12.Wearable Sensors for Human Activity Monitoring: A Review

13.A complementary filter for tracking bicycle crank angles using inertial sensors, kinematic constraints and vertical acceleration updates

14.A Reliable and Efficient Encounter-Based Routing Framework for Delay/Disruption Tolerant Networks

15.Axial flux resolver design techniques for minimizing position error due to static eccentricities

16.Optical Techniques for characterization of High Power Infrared Gas Lasers

17.Low-Complexity Error Correction for ISO/IEC/IEEE 21451-5 Sensor and Actuator Networks

18.Simulation of Time-of-Flight Sensors for Evaluation of Chip Layout Variants

19.ISAR Imaging of Non-Uniformly Rotating Target Based on the Parameters Estimation of Multi-Component Quadratic Frequency-Modulated Signal

20.On the Ammonia Gas Sensing Performance of a RF Sputtered NiO Thin Film Sensor

2023-2024 VLSI Projects for Final year ECE

21.Fabrication and Characteristic Analysis of a Remote Real-time Monitoring Applied to Glucose Sensor System Based on Microfluidic Framework

22.Distributed Frequency Estimation Over Sensor Network

23.Dynamic Multispectral Imaging Using the Vertical Overflow Drain Structure

24.Smartness for Railway Transducers: Reliability Experimental Verifications and Accuracy

25.Implantable Neurorecording Sensing System: Wireless Transmission of Measurements

26.All-fiber Mach-Zehnder interferometer for Liquid Level Measurement

27.Straight and segmented structure evanescent wave sensor with different sensing region length

28.Probabilistic Rank Score Coding: A Robust Rank-order based Classifier for Electronic Nose Applications

29.Batch Fabrication of Transfer-Free Graphene-Coated Microcantilevers

30.High-sensitivity Temperature Sensor Based on a Selectively-Polymer-Filled Twin-core Photonic Crystal Fiber In-line Interferometer

2023-2024 VLSI Projects for mtech

31.Optical Fiber Inclinometer Based on A Fiber Taper Cascading A Peanut-Shape Structure

32.Dual-Input Dual-Output RF Sensor For Indoor Human Occupancy and Position Monitoring

33.An Inductive Angular Displacement Sensor Based on Planar Coil and Contrate Rotor

34.Flexible Capacitive Tactile Sensors Based on Carbon Nanotube Thin-Films

35.Microfluidic determination of vitamin D3 compounds using a cylindrical optical microcavity

36.Finite Element Simulation and Verification of Nanoparticle Translocation through Biogenic Diatom Shells

37.Capacitive Based Contact Sensing for Office-based Ventilation Tube Applicator for Otitis Media with Effusion Treatment

38.On-Chip Touch Sensor Readout Circuit Using Passive Sigma-Delta Modulator Capacitance-to-Digital Converter

39.Recognition of Nutrition-Intake using Time-Frequency Decomposition in a Wearable Necklace using a Piezoelectric Sensor

40.Solar-Powered Wireless Temperature Sensor Based on UWB RFID with Self-Calibration


42.A Low-Power Photon-Counter Front-End Dedicated to NIRS Brain Imaging

43.An Advanced Double SOI CMOS Pixel Detector Termination with Trench Interspace

44.A Differential Self-integration D-dot Voltage Sensor and Experimental Research

45.An Opportunistic Relay Protocol with Dynamic Scheduling in Wireless Body Area Sensor Network

46.Impaired Sensor Diagnosis, Beamforming and DOA Estimation With Difference Co-Array Processing

47.A Virtual Coordinate Based Bypassing Void Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks

48.Sensing of Stimulus Artifact Suppressed Signals from Electrode Interfaces

49.Ultra-flexible Tactile Piezoelectric Sensor Based On Low-temperature Polycrystalline Silicon Thin Film Transistor Technology

50.A Self-powering Wireless Environment Monitoring System Using Soil Energy

2023-2024 VLSI Projects using FPGA

51.A Secure Scheme against Power Exhausting Attacks in Hierarchical Wireless Sensor Networks

52.Reactive ion assisted deposition of cerium oxide hole-blocking contact for leakage current suppression in amorphous selenium multilayer structure

53.Design of a digitalized Microgyroscope System using S? Modulation Technology

54.Error Characteristics of Passive Position Sensing via Coupled Magnetic Resonances Assuming Simultaneous Realization with Wireless Charging

55.CMOS Image Sensor with Area-efficient on-chip compressive sensing

56.Energy-Efficient Sensor Selection for Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in the Lack or Partial Information

57.A Microdischarge-Based Neutron Radiation Detector Utilizing a Stacked Arrangement of Micromachined Steel Electrodes with Gadolinium Film for Neutron Conversion

58.Fabrication and Characterisation of a test platform integrating nanoporous structures with biochemical functionality

59.IR Sensor based on low bandgap organic photodiode with up-converting phosphor

60.Performance Comparison of EKF-based Algorithms for Orientation Estimation on Android Platform

61.New strategy for Rapid Detection of the Simulants of Persistent Organic Pollutants using Gas Sensor based on Three-Dimensional Porous Single-Crystalline ZnO Nanosheets

2023-2024 m tech vlsi projects - 2023-2024 FESTIVAL OFFER is available

62.An Opto-Electronic Profiling and Ranging Sensor for Monitoring of Perimeters

63.A novel wireless mobile platform to locate and gather data from optical fibre sensors integrated into a WSN

64.Electrochemical Immunosensor Using Nanoparticle-based Signal Enhancement for Escherichia coli O157:H7 Detection

65.Connected Coverage Optimisation for Sensor Scheduling in Wireless Sensor Networks

66.Error Correction Method for Passive and Wireless Resonant SAW Temperature Sensor

67.Optimal Configuration of Alarm Sensors for Monitoring Mobile Ergodic Markov Phenomena on Arbitrary Graphs

68.Multi-Wavelength Linear-Cavity SOA-Based Laser Array Design for Multi-parameter and Long-Haul Sensing

69.Smart lighting system ISO/IEC/IEEE 21451 compatible

70.A Miniature Two-plate Electrical Capacitance Tomography Sensor

71.Application of Undoped and Al2O3 doped ZnO Nanomaterials as Solid-State Humidity Sensor and its Characterization Studies

72.A Selective and Sensitive Sensor for Determination of Sulfide in Aquatic Environment

73.Analysis of random noise and long term drift for tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy system at atmospheric pressure

74.Low Cost Millimetre Wave Imaging Using a Commercial Plasma Display

75.Rollout algorithms for wireless sensor network-assisted target search

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Nebulizer Improvement for Children Suffering from Bronchial Asthma,Implementation of a Fixed-Point 2D Gaussian Filter for Image Processing based on FPGA,A Feature Learning and Object Recognition Framework for Underwater Fish Images