Inverter Design in Cadence

    adc design using cadence

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    Inverter design in cadence

Inverter Design in Cadence


Inverter Design in Cadence

Inverter Design in Cadence

CMOS Inverter Design using Cadence

Inverter Design in Cadence

Inverter Design using Cadence


  • New patented Virtuoso Layout Suite L graphics-rendering engine provides from 10X to 100X accelerated zoom, fit, pan, drag, and redraw performance on large layouts

  • New Virtuoso Layout Suite XL connectivity extractor technology accelerates trace net, probe net, and mark net performance from 10X to 50X on large layouts

  • Patented multi-user Express PCell capability continues to boost design opening performance from 10X to 20X whenever users require PCell evaluation

  • New patented stream-in engine provides accelerated performance from 2X to 20X

  • Virtuoso Layout Suite GXL Space-Based Routing technology automatically enforces process and design rules during interactive and assisted wire and bus editing with inverter design in cadence

  • Virtuoso Layout Suite GXL ModGens (module generators) add a new interactive pattern-manipulation flow, making real-time customization of a high-precision structured layout very visual and simple

  • Virtuoso Layout Suite GXL Space-Based Routing technology at chip levels can deliver high-quality constraint-driven specialty routing to close thousands of nets in minutes, and new structured device-level routing capabilities that can enhance routing productivity by as much as 50%

  • CMOS inverter design with The Virtuoso platform is backed by the largest number of process design kits (PDKs) available from the world’s leading foundries, for process nodes everywhere from mature 0.6µm to advanced 7nm process nodes

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