Simulink Projects

grid connected pv system

Simulink Projects report


Simulink Projects

power electronics projects for diploma students

S.No Title Year
1 Photovoltaic generation in distribution networks: Optimal vs. random installation 2020
2 An algorithm for renewable energy allocation and trading in a microgrid 2020
3 The frequency stability assessment of the transmission system using phasor measurement unit data 2020
4 Decision tree ensemble machine learning for rapid QSTS simulations 2020
5 Battery energy storage scheduling for optimal load variance minimization 2020
6 Synchrophasor based dynamic model validation leveraging multiple events 2020
7 Direct torque control of induction motor using sliding-mode and fuzzy-logic methods 2020
8 A data lens into MPPT efficiency and PV power prediction 2020

Simulink Based Projects

In Simulink, systems are drawn on screen as block diagrams. Many elements of block diagrams are available, such as transfer functions, summing junctions, etc., as well as virtual input and output devices such as function generators and oscilloscopes. Simulink is integrated with MATLAB and data can be easily transfered between the programs. In these tutorials, we will apply Simulink to the examples from the MATLAB tutorials to model the systems, build controllers, and simulate the systems. Simulink is supported on Unix, Macintosh, and Windows environments; and is included in the student version of MATLAB for personal computers. For more information on Simulink, please visit the MathWorks home.

The idea behind these tutorials is that you can view them in one window while running Simulink in another window. System model files can be downloaded from the tutorials and opened in Simulink. You will modify and extend these system while learning to use Simulink for system modeling, control, and simulation. Do not confuse the windows, icons, and menus in the tutorials for your actual Simulink windows. Most images in these tutorials are not live - they simply display what you should see in your own Simulink windows. All Simulink operations should be done in your Simulink windows.