2018-2019 Mechanical Projects in Bangalore

2018-2019 Mechanical Projects in Bangalore

2018-2019 Mechanical engineering Projects in Bangalore

2018-2019 mechanical projects in bangalore,mechanical engineering projects bangalore
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2018-2019 Mechanical Projects Titles

1. fabrication of pedal operated water pumping system

2. automatic conveyor belt with pick and place and digital counter

3. multi-purpose or 3 in 1 mechanical machine (drilling,shaping &hacksaw)

4. hybrid power generation

5. pick and place robot with gripper for industrial applications

6. fabrication of automatic pneumatic jack

7. remote controlled wheel chair cum bed for physically handicapped

8. automatic material handling robot

9. auto guided vehicle

10. voice controlled wheel chair

Test Turbine Measurements and Comparison with Meanline and Throughflow Calculations (Mechanical Project): in bangalore This study is a collaboration between two companies . It is aimed to study and compare the outputs of two different computational approaches in axial gas turbine design procedure with the data obtained from experimental work on a test turbine. This is a list of project topics: 1. Thermodynamics of Driven Systems. 2. Energy in Human and Animal body. 3. Tidal and Wave. 4. Fuel Cells. 5. Thermo-electric Devices. 6. Modes of Transportation (Cars, Trucks, Ships, Planes, etc). The main focus during this research is to extend the available test databank and to further understand and investigate the turbine stage efficiency, mass flow parameters and reaction degree under different working conditions. Meanwhile the concept and effect of different loss mechanisms and models will be briefly studied. The computational scope includes a one-dimensional design approach known as mean-line calculation and also a two-dimensional method known as throughflow calculation. An in-house SIT software, CATO, generated the stage geometry (vane, blade and the channel) and then two other internal computational codes, MAC1 and BETA2, were employed for the one-dimensional and two-dimensional computations respectively. It was observed that to obtain more accurate mass flow predictions a certain level of channel blockage should be implemented to represent the boundary layer development and secondary flow which is typically around 2%.

Aims and Scope The SAE International Journal of Engines is a scholarly, peer-reviewed research journal dedicated to internal combustion engine science and engineering. The Journal spotlights innovative and archival technical reports on all aspects of internal combustion engine development, including research, design, analysis, control, and emissions. Aiming to be the internationally recognized definitive source for researchers and engineers in the area of engine research and development, the Journal publishes only those technical reports that are deemed to have significant and long-term impact on engine development and design. Studies published in the Journal include, but are not limited to, the following subjects: engine combustion and emissions engine design and analysis engine durability and wear engine efficiency engine noise, vibration, and harshness. ground vehicle dynamics, ride, handling, braking, stability, and control analysis and control of loads and motion related to ground vehicle dynamics and stability rigid and flexible multi-body modeling techniques and applications for ground vehicle dynamics active and semi-active suspension and mounting techniques intelligent driving techniques related to vehicle dynamics dynamics and NVH of ground vehicle components, includin


Mechanical Projects in bangalore

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