2018-2019 Digital Communication Projects using Arduino

2019 Digital Communication Projects using Arduino

Digital Communication Projects using Arduino

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2019 Digital Communication Projects

IEEE Projects on Data Science


  • Security of data communications between embedded arduino systems with substitution encryption
    Arduino has the main component of AVR type microcontroller. In microcontroller there are microprocessor, memory and input/output devices that are integrated with each other. So to execute it required a series of programs. While the ability Arduino now can communicate with each other through serial communication. On the other side the need for communicating security is required. But the computing capabilities and storage space of the program is limited …
  • Arduino and Raspberry Pi based smart communication and control of home appliance system
    The home automation technology makes human life comfortable and luxurious. That is why today every person wants a smart home. This technology provides the control of the home devices as well as a secure and intelligent interaction between personnel inside and outside of the room. The control system gives the status concerning ON or OFF of the selected instrument to the house owner. …
  • Design of Arduino-based communication agent for rural Indian microgrids
    This paper explains the design of a communication system, using an Arduino microcontroller and GSM Module and its functions / associated components to be implemented in a microgrid. The microgrid control and coordination infrastructure has been realized as a hierarchical multi-agent system (MAS) comprising of the DG agents, the Mu agent and the D agent. The Communication (Mu) Agent acts as a link between the lower-level microgrid agents (distributed energy resources (DERs), the load, the storage and the utility grid) which provide the required digital parameter inputs, and the Control Agent comprising of the Cloud. …
  • ChDuino: A real-time controller for Arduino
    ChDuino is a cross-platform GUI based tool for managing Arduino boards and controlling them with connected USB cable or wirelessly through Bluetooth communication. The primary purpose of this software is to simplify the procedure of learning Arduino and embedded systems so that people from various areas and K-12 students can also learn the concepts of microcontrollers. This paper presents the design and mechanism of ChDuino for real-time controlling Arduino boards. ChDuino supports multiple ways to communicate with a board, through USB or Bluetooth. It detects Arduino boards automatically with which libcharduino allows users to program an Arduino board in Ch without tedious compilation and other low-level technical issues. …
  • Key-value store implementations for Arduino microcontrollers
    The Internet of Things relies on connecting devices big and small to the Internet and facilitates their communication and management. This includes the smallest microcontrollers and embedded processors that perform simple but critical tasks. There are many applications where there is benefit to processing data locally on the device before sending it over the network. Since network communication is an order of magnitude more costly than local data processing, efficient techniques for storing, searching, and filtering data are useful. …
  • Development of redundant bus library for arduino to apply in SCADA system
    In this paper, we developed the library for the microcontroller platform Arduino to apply in Modbus SCADA systems. This library allows Arduino board to communicate with RS-485 and use Modbus protocol which transmits data via a redundant bus. Experiments are conducted to compare the stability of data communication between a regular bus and a redundant bus which is the developed library. The results show the developed library Arduino board is able to communicate with redundant buses and more resistant to faults than conventional buses. …
  • A cost-efficient transceiver prototype for arduino-based laser communication
    The main goal of this paper is to propose a simple and low-cost microcontroller-based laser communication link. To demonstrate that laser communication is a viable and efficient means for transmitting data, a transceiver capable of transfer rates of approximately 0.7 kB/s is prototyped. The hardware used for the transceiver consists of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) lasers, photodiodes, and the Arduino Mega 2560 which is an open-source and easy-to-use microcontroller-based platform intended for making interactive projects. A Graphical User-Interface (GUI) utilizing the Meteor framework is developed to facilitate the communication between the user and transceiver. …

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|2018-2019 Digital Communication Projects for Students

NON IEEE Communication Titles

1.A Voice Controlled Wheel Chair Prototype for a Medically Challenged
2.Advanced Security System for Automobile
3.An ultrasonic Based Path Finder Robot with Metal Detection Capability
4.Assisting Device for Visually Impaired Person
5.Auto Intensity Control of Street Light with Solar Tracker using Arduino
6.Automated Data Acquisition System for Microwave Bench Slotted Line

7.Automatic Dipper Circuit for Vechicle using Arduino Arduino
8.Automatic Room Light Controller with Visitor Counter Desgined using Arduino
9.Biometric Attendance System using Arduino
10.Bluetooth Remote Controlled Car using Arduino
11.Cell phone-Based Device Control with Voice Acknowledgement
12.Condition Monitoring of Oil using Wireless Sensor Network
13.Design and Analysis of Ozone Gas Generator
14.Design and Implementation of Automatic Street Light Control System using Light Dependent Resistor
15.Design and Implementation of SMS-Based Industrial Homes Gas Leakage Monitoring & Detection Alarm System
16.Design of Electronic Voting Machine using Arduino
17.Designed Accident Prevention System Using Wireless Sensor Networks
18.GSM Controlled Wireless Electronic Notice Board
19.Implementation of Wireless Sensor Network for Real Time Monitoring and controlling of Agriculture Parameter
20.Arduino Based Electronic Control Board for Laser Cutter and Engraver
Simplest Way for Voice Recognition Project Using c# to arduino We all are blessed with different types of Sensors Such as (Ear, tongue, Nose...) and we use them in our daily life not in one way but in two way communication there is transmission and receiving of data going on.Same concept we are applying in machines As a beginner almost everyone starts with blinking leds on/off and I also did that but I wanted to control these electronic components using my own voice commands. Simplest way for voice recognition using arduino In this project we will be turning on/off leds not in a standard way but using our own voice commands and exciting part is that it is very simple and easy just little bit of programming knowledge is required thats all ! It all started when my teacher demonstrated a c# windows form application project to us. In that project Sir was Controlling virtual BULB using voice commands and it was made using c# visual studio software only no arduino or any other hardware stuff. It was amazing :) So for new project using arduino I thought why not control Led using voice command because in this project we are physically controlling hardware not virtually which sir demonstrated.


Arduino based communication projects

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