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2018-2019 IOT Projects Using Arduino UNO

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2019 IEEE Arduino Projects

2018-2019 Arduino Projects Artificial Intelligence

2018-2019 Arduino Projects for Beginners

2019 Arduino Projects Bangalore

2018-2019 Arduino Projects for Final Year

2019 IOT Mini Project Using Arduino

2018 Arduino Projects Related to Agriculture

IEEE Arduino Projects,IEEE Projects Using Arduino,Arduino Projects in bangalore,IOT Mini Project Using Arduino,Arduino Projects Bangalore, Arduino Projects Ideas,Arduino Projects IEEE,Arduino Projects for Kids,Arduino Projects using Bluetooth,Arduino Projects Automation,Arduino Projects Related to Agriculture,Arduino Projects Abstracts,Arduino Projects Related to Biomedical, Arduino Projects Artificial Intelligence,IOT Project using Arduino and ESP8266,IOT Project Using Arduino,Arduino Projects 2018 What do you do when you need to attach 400-500 screws for an upcoming project? If you’re “Progress Thailand” you simply create one yourself using a 9g micro servo modded for continuous rotation, an Arduino Nano, and some 3D printing! The ATmega series is much more advanced compared to the 8051. It has many more peripherals that can be programmed easily. Arduino is mostly used only in the prototyping stage of a project or hobby/college projects. While they note that the project isn’t meant to replace commercial screwdrivers at this point, it looks like a fun project with all the needed files available here to modify and improve things to your specifications!

IOT Project using Arduino and ESP8266

If you use an 8051, you will have to interface the power circuit with it. The arduino comes integrated with all the cuicuits. The arduino also provides all the pinouts and has a large community support. The programming is a bit on the higher level compared to embedded C. Hence, while working with arduino, you don’t need to know the register and bit names. If you are a beginner in the embedded systems, I would suggest you start with arduino to get the feel of how you can use software to control the hardware as well as interact with the physical environment. But don’t limit yourself only to the arduino. Once you are comfortable with the arduino, start working on a microcontroller directly. Use the IDE of the particular family, like Atmel Studio for Atmel microcontrollers. You will learn how to use the datasheet to program the microcontroller. It will really boost you knowledge and understanding of embedded systems. It will also give you the knowledge and confidence of working with other families of microcontrollers even if they are from other vendors.
Latest arduino projects, arduino projects 2018-2019, arduino projects bangalore, arduino projects for beginners, arduino projects pdf , arduino projects ideas, arduino projects for kids, arduino projects 2018, arduino projects bangalore, arduino projects for beginners with code, Call:9591912372

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2018-2019 IEEE Arduino Projects

Projectsatbangalore, offers Arduino Projects to students in various areas of Embedded Technologies

IEEE 2018-2019 Arduino Projects

2018-2019 Arduino Projects for ECE

1. 3-Axis Controlled Robot

2. A Cherry-Tomato Harvesting Robot

3. A Design Of The IOT Gateway For Agricultural Greenhouse

4. A Design Of The IOT Gateway For Dense Landset Forest Surveil System Using Wireless Sensor Networks

5. A Low Cost Web Based Remote Monitoring System With Built-In Security Feature For Vulnerable Environments

6. A Method Of WSN To Monitor Cold Chain Logistics As Part Of The IOT Technology

7. A Mobile Application For Fine Dust Monitoring System

8. A Non-Invasive Remote Health Monitoring System Using Visible Light Communication

9. A Novel Approach For Communication Among Blind, Deaf And Dumb People

10. A Novel Optimum Point Tracker Of The Solar Cell Power Supply System

2018-2019 IEEE Projects Using Arduino

11. A Reconfigurable Smart Sensor Interface For Industrial WSN And Human Health Monitoring In IOT Environment pdf

12. A Robot That Approaches Pedestrians

13. A Safe Driving Embedded System Integrated With Can Protocol

14. A Virtual Touch Event Method Using Colour Recognition

15. A Wearable, Eeg-Based Massage Headband For Anxiety Alleviation

16. A Wireless Electrocardiogram Detection For Personal Health Monitoring

17. A Wireless Sensor Network Based Low Cost And Energy Efficient Frame Work For Precision Agriculture

18. Adaptive Modelling Detection System Using IOT Behavior Based Anomaly Detection Intrusion

19. Advanced Autoimatic Intelligent Train Engine System

20. Advanced Rto Survaillance System

2018-2019 Arduino Projects Bangalore

21. Aircraft Blackbox With Auto Information To The Base Station

22. Airport Automation

23. Alcoholic Analyzer And Tilt Detector For Vechicle Secured Ignition

24. Alcoholic Breath Analyser And Tilt Detector For Vehicle Secured Ignition

25. Alive Human Being Detector In War Fields, Affected Areas Using Wap With Model And Camera–Pir (Passive Infrared Sensors) For Rescue Operations With Communication

26. An Android Based Application For Emergency Helping

27. An Integrated Network Of Roadside Sensors And Vehicles For Driving Safety: Concept, Design And Experiments

28. An Integrated Vision-Based Architecture For Home Security System

29. An Internet Of Things Approach For Motion Detection Using Raspberry Pi

30. Android Based Antenna Positioning System

31. Android Based Device Control

32. Android Based Home Automation

33. Android Based Paitent Monitoring System

34. Android Controlled Pick And Place Mobile Robot

35. Android Meets Led Bulbs In Smart-Home Automation

36. Android Operated Advanced Wheel Chair Cum Stretcher

37. Android Speech Recognition Based Voice Command Notice Board

38. Arm And Glcd Based Micro Controller Clock

39. Arm And RFID Based Security System (Home, Office Or Industrial)

40. Arm Based Remote Temperature Controller With Ethernet

2018-2019 Arduino Projects IEEE

41. Arm Based Smart Power Generation And Multi Purpose Optimization

42. Audio/Sound Command Based Application Control (Home Automation Based On Voice)"

43. Auto Guided Vehical With Material Handling And Obstacle Detection

44. Automated Ambulance Gates At Ambulance And Traffic Signals

45. Automated And Unmanned Vehicle Toll Collection / Parking System Using RFID Technology

46. Automated Green House Status Monitoring And Control System

47. Automated GSM Based Electricity Billing And Cut Off System

48. Automated Railway Gate Level Crossing Scrutinize And Control System

49. Automatic Voice Announcement Based Robot Fire Analysis System

50. Automatic Accident Identification, Detection Via Vibration Sensors Using RF Technology

2018-2019 IOT Mini Project Using Arduino

51. Automatic Car Parking System

52. Automatic Detection And Notification Of Potholes And Humps On Roads To Aid Drivers

53. Automatic Plant Watering And Tank Level Alerting System

54. Automatic Street Light Controller With Rtc

2018-2019 Arduino Projects Ideas

55. Automatic Vehicle Identification Bynumber Plate Recognition

56. Automatic Vehicle Over Speed Controlling System For School Zone And Horn Controller For Hospital Zone

57. Automatic Vehicle Speed, Horn, And Brake Management System (With Analyzer–Optional)

58. Automatic Voice Pronouncement Based Robot Fire Psychoanalytic System

59. Belt Convoyer With Pick And Place And Digital

60. Bidirectional Smart Pill Box Monitored Through Internet And Receiving Reminding Message From Remote Relatives

2018-2019 Arduino Projects Idea

61. Bio Metric Recognition System Based Digital Voting Machine

62. Biometric System Based Electronic Voting Machine Using Raspberry Pi

63. Black Box For Vehicals/Car –Intellegent Vehicle Monitoring System

64. Blue Tooth Controlled Robot

65. Cable Tester For Industries Using Avr

66. Cell Phone Operated Land Rover

67. Check Point Acess Control Using Arm+Ethernet+RFID

68. Child Rescue System Against Open Bore-Wells At Agricultural Fields In India

69. Cleaning Mechanism And Multi Purpose Optimization

70. Cold Blood Bank Storage Management System

2018-2019 Arduino Projects Artificial Intelligence

71. Complete Blood Check Using Image Processing

72. Controlling Robotic Arm With Ethernet

73. Data Acquisition System With GSM Modem

74. Data Transfer For Advertisement Display Or Notice Board Using GSM

75. Density Based Traffic Light Controller

76. Design & Development Of Security Based Voting System For Government

77. Design And Development Of Obstacle Sensing And Object Guiding Robot

78. Design And Implementation Of A Children Safety System Based On IOT Technologies

79. Design And Implementation Of An Advanced Security System-Invisible Eye

80. Design And Implementation Of Pick And Place Robot Using Voice & Gesture Recognition

2018-2019 Arduino Projects Related to Agriculture

81. Design Of A WSN Platform For Long-Term Environmental Monitoring For IOT Applications

82. Design Of An Intelligent Management System For Agricultural Greenhouses Based On The Internet Of Things

83. Designing A Complete Vechicle Immobilization System Integrated With A Personalized Alert Mechanism

84. Designing And Modeling Of Voice Controlled Wheel Chair Incorporated With Home Automation

85. Developing Intelligent Software Interface For Wireless Monitoring Of Vehicle Speed And Management Of Associated Data

86. Development Of Data Acquisition Robot For Toxic Enviromental Monitoring Using WSN –Kroto Finder

87. Development And Controlling Of 5 In 1 Multipurpose Agricultural Robot Using Smart Phones

88. Development Of Auto Wiper Controller According To Rain Force

89. Development Of Electronic Stick For Blind With Panic Button Alert

90. Development Of Haptic Robotic Arm Using Flex Sensor And Accelerometer

91. Development Of Paitent Monitoring System Using Smart Phone

92. Development Of Wireless Sensor Netwaork For Health Monitoring System

93. Development Of WSN Based Water Level Monitoring And Control System Using Android

94. Digital Receipt System (Arm+Ethernet)

95. Digital Switching Controller For Dc-Dc Converters

96. Door Opening And Closing System With Security Using RFID

97. Drowsiness And Gaseous Fuel Leak Detector And Alerting System

98. Efficient Power Generation Based On Solar Tracking System With Panel

99. Electronic Library Management System Using Finger Print Sensor

100. Embedded Intelligent Capability Of A Modular Robotic System

101. Ethernet Controller For Home Appliance Using Internet

102. Evaluation Of Typical Spectral Indices For Drought Surveillance System For Drought Hit Areas

103. Fabrication Of Automatic Waste Seperation Model

104. Fabrication Of Biometric Automated Pill Dispenser

105. Facilitate Traffic Signal Identification For Blind People

106. Finger Print Prediction Enabled Passport Authentication System

107. Fire Extinguising Or Fire Fighting Robotic Vehicle With RF Technology

108. Full Automation In Driverless Trains: A Microcontroller-Based Prototype

109. Gaps Vehicle Theft Identification And Tracking And Control System

110. Gas Leakage, Thief And Fire Detector & Auto Dialing Controller System

111. Green House Monitoring And Control Using Smart Phones

112. Green House Monitoring System

113. Green Leaf Detection Using Raspberry Pi

114. Greencharge: Managing Renewable Energy In Smart Buildings

115. GSM Based Border Security System

116. GSM Based Complete Irrigation Solution

117. GSM Based Health Care System With Heart Beat, Glucose, Temperature Monitoring

118. GSM Based Security System With Gas Leakage Identification And Theft Controlling

119. GSM Based Wireless Home Appliances Monitoring & Control System (Light,Fan, Motor Etc)

120. GSM Based Wireless Notice Board

121. Hand Gesture Recognition Based Robot Using Accelerometer Sensor

122. High Protection Atm System With Finger Print Identification Technology With Image Record And GSM

123. High Protection Security System With Biometric And Video Transmission

124. High Protection Voice Identification Based Bank Locker Security System With Live Video Transmission

125. Highway Vehicle Traffic Monitor Using GSM

126. Home Security System With Auto Dialing (Missed Call Or Sms Alert Using GSM Modem)

127. Image / Video Capturing And Pc Telecasting Robot

128. Implementing Peripherals Using 32-Bit Arm Microcontroller

129. Industrial Automation And Monitoring System (Temperature,Vibration,Pressure Etc.)

130. Industrial Hazardous Gas Leakage Detection And Information System Using Intelligent Robot

131. Industrial Monitor Through GSM Networks

132. Industrial Monitoring And Control System Using Andoid Application

133. Industrial Protection System Using Temperature, Smoke Sensors And Light Dependent Resistor

134. Industrial Secured Tidy Smoke Detection And Alarm System Through Wireless

135. Intelegent Agriculture System With Weather Monitoring

136. Intellegent Combact Robot For Military Operations

137. Intelligent Highway Police Patrolling System With Speed Sensors And Camera For The Vehicles Which Violates Speed Limits

138. Intelligent Line Follower Robot For Industrial Purpose

139. Intelligent RF Security System For Banks With GSM Modem & Sensors

140. Interactive Intelligent Shopping Cart Using RFID And Zigbee Modules

141. Internet Based Home Automation System Using Arm 7

142. Involuntary Station Name Display With Voice Attentive System For Train

143. Involuntary,Biometric Door Access Control And Attendance Maintenance System

144. Involuntary,Biometric Door Access Control And Attendance Maintenance System

145. IOT Based Anti-Poaching Alarm System For Trees In Forest Using Wireless Sensor Network

146. IOT Based Smart Garbage And Waste Collection Bin

147. Ivrs Based Automatic Teller Machine Transaction System With The Help Of RFID Technology For Blind People With Biometric Authentication

148. Ivrs System Based Mobile Controlling Robot

149. Knowledge Based Real Time Monitoring System For Aquaculture Using IOT

150. Kroto Finder

151. Land Mine Detecting Robotic Vehicle

152. Lifi Based Green House Monitoring System

153. Lifi Based Industrial Monitoring System

154. Lifi Based Paitent Monitoring System

155. Lifi Communication Of Text, Audio And Image

156. Light/Line And Dtmf Signal Following Intellegent Robot

157. Line Following Robot With Fork Lift

158. Live Human Detecting Robot For Earthquake Rescue Operation Using GSM And GPS

159. Low-Cost Visually Servoed Tracked Vehicle

160. Lower Limb Powered Exoskeleton For Paraplegic People Assisting In Their Walking Augmentation Using Flex Sensor And Accelerometer

161. Lpg Gas Monitoring And Booking Using Smart Phone

162. Luggage Tracking System Using RFID

163. Matlab And Embedded Based System For Face Recognition System

164. Mediblack Box

165. Mems Based Pc Commands Using Hand Signals

166. Metro Train (Ticket Analyzer)

167. Microcontroller Based Aeronautical Crash Prevention System Through RF Communication

168. Microcontroller Based Baby Incubator Using Sensors

169. Microcontroller Based Bank Locker Security System With Voice Reporting

170. Microcontroller Based Home Or Industrial Automation

171. Microcontroller Based Security Door Control System For Atm With Voice Announcement

172. Missile Detection And Automatic Destroy System

173. Monitoring And Maintenance Of Highway Bridges Using Wireless Sensor Networks

174. Multi Purpose Security System Using GSM

175. Multiple Interface Security Robot

176. Myrio Based Mobile Robot For Rescue Competitions

177. Object Avoiding Robot Using Ultrasonic Sensor

178. Obstacle Avoidance Robotic Vehicle

179. Out-Patient Tablet Time Care System With Voice Announcement

180. Padlock: An Innovative Method Of Accessing Control For Home Security

181. Paitent Monitoring System

182. Passenger Pre-Paid Metro Card System

183. Patient Medical Information System Using Finger Print

184. Pc Based Door Access And Attendance Logger Using RFID

185. Pc Controleld Unmanned Fighter

186. Pipe Inspection Robot

187. Prepaid Card For Browsing Center Using RFID

188. Prepaid Card For Petrol Bunk

189. Prepaid Energy Meter Using RFID

190. Quad Helicopter

191. Railway Security Management System (Bridge Vibration Detection) Based On GSM

192. Raspberry Pi Based Cruise Control Mechanism In Traffic Situation

193. Raspberry Pi Based Global Industrial Process Monitoring Through Wireless Communication

194. Raspberry Pi Based Video Surveillance System For Advance Security

195. Real Ecg Machine For Doctors With Data Transmission Through GSM Modem

196. Real Time Data Acquisition System Using Arm And Rtos

197. Real Time Implementation Of Hybrid Personal Tracking System For Anomaly Detection

198. Real-Time Atomization Of Agricultural Environment For Social Modernization Of Indian Agricultural System Using Arm 7

199. Realtime Implementation Of Biopad Finger Print Attendance Monitor

200. Reconfigurable Smart Water Quality Monitoring System In IOT Environment

201. Remote Billing Of Energy Meter Or Water Meter Using GSM Modem

202. Remote Controlled Jack For Cars

203. Research Of Traffic Signal Light Intelligent Control System Based On Microcontroller

204. RFID Based Attendance Card System

205. RFID Based Blind Man Stick

206. RFID Based Employee Database Management Using Rtc

207. RFID Based Event Tracking System For Sports

208. RFID Based File Tracing System For Big Government Organizations

209. RFID Based Human / Vehicle Detection And Monitoring System

210. RFID Based Train Identification And Railway Crossing System

211. RFID Based Train Identification, Detection And Unmanned Railway Crossing System

212. RFID Based Vehicle Identification And Speed Measurement

213. Robitic Pick And Place With Digital Counter

214. Robotic Arm Control Through Internet Or Lan For Patient Surgery

215. Robotic Speed Bumps In Sweden May Be The Answer To Reckless Driving

216. Room Light And Fan Controller With Visitor’s Counter

217. Rope Climbing Robo With Survaillance Capability

218. Routing, Guiding, Obstacle Detecting And Controlling Of Vehicle Using Active RFID Technology

219. Rto Survailance System With Intelligent Ambulance Detection And Blind Spot Traffic Light Detection

220. Safety System For Elderly Wandering Person

221. Sixth Sense Device-Raspberry Pi Based Gestural Interface

222. Smart Cities For Future: Design Of Data Acquisition Method Based On IOT

223. Smart Helmet Using GSM & GPS Technology For Accident Detection And Reporting System

224. Smart Home-Control And Monitoring System Using Smart Phone

225. Smart Insole: A Wearable System For Gait Analysis

226. Smart Parking System

227. Smart Phone Controlled Android Robot With Live Video Transmission

228. Smart Phone Operated Mobile Robot For Multipurpose Pick And Place Operations

229. Smart Phone Operated Multipurpose Agricultural Robotic Vehicle–Agribot

230. Smart Rooms For Power Saving Using Video Processing

231. Sms Based Device Control Using GSM Modem (Light, Fan,Motor Etc…)

232. Sms Based Weather Reporting

233. Solar Operated Robot

234. Speech Based Control & Alert System For Senior Citizens Using Android Mobile

235. Spy Robot With Bomb Detection And Image Monitoring

236. Staircase Climbing Robot

237. Strems: A Smart Real - Time Solution Toward Enhancing Ems Prehospital Quality

238. Student Attendance System Using RFID Technology & Vb.Net

239. Systolic Blood Pressure Estimation Using Android Smart Phone

240. Talking Thermometer For Visually Impaired

241. Temperature And Humidity Control System Using Graphical Lcd And Arm

242. The Development Of A Blood Leakage Monitoring System For The Applications In Hemodialysis Therapy

243. Theft Identification System For Supermarkets Using RFID

244. Token Number Display With Voice In Security Using Microcontroller At89c51

245. Tracking Got-Stamp Paper And Automation Using GSM Modem

246. Utilization Of Solar Energy With Tracking The Sun Using Stepper Motor Automatically

247. Vehicle Accident Prevention Using Eye Blink Sensor Using Wireless Communication

248. Virtual Spirometry For Respiratory Function Testing For Patient

249. Visual Inspection And Crack Detection Of Railroad Tracks

250. Voice Controlled Home Automation Using Raspberry Pi

251. Voter Credentials And Authentication System Using RFID Technology

252. Walk And Talk Robot

253. Wall Painting Robot

254. Wheel Chair For Disabled Person Using Robot

255. White Board Cleaning Robot

256. Wifi Based Green House Monitoring And Controlling System

257. Wifi Based Home Automation

258. Wifi Based Industrial Automation

259. Wifi Based Industrial Monitoring And Controlling System

260. Wifi Based Paitent Monitoring System

261. Wifi For Vehicular Communication Systems

262. Wifi Operated Mobile Robot For Multipurpose Utilization

263. Wireless Body Area Network Development For Remote Patient Health Observing

264. Wireless Bus Stop Information Provider System For Passengers And Station Announcements

265. Wireless Communication Based Digital Notice Board Using Graphical Lcd

266. Wireless Communication For Fire Detection Systems In Commercial Areas Industrial And Home

267. Wireless Electronic Voting Machine

268. Wireless Sensor Network System Using Raspberry Pi And Zigbee For Environmental Monitoring Applications

269. Wireless Sensor Networks–Density Based Traffic Controller

270. Wireless System For Monitoring And Real-Time Classification Of Functional Activity

271. Wireless Tsunami Warning Alarm For People Security

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2018-2019 Arduino Projects in Bangalore

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Unlike older Arduino boards, the Maple Mini runs at 3.3 V logic. This is generally an advantage, as it means it can interface with more hardware without a logic-level converter. However some of its pins are not 5 V tolerant, so connecting 5 V devices to those pins could cause damage (see pinout above). The Maple Mini is many times faster than an Arduino Uno.
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