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Digital Communication Projectss

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Digital Communication Based Projects

Projectsatbangalore,offers Digital Communication Projects and Digital Communication Projects using Python for BE/Btech/Mtech students

Digital Communication Projects

Digital Communication Projects using Matlab

Advantages of Digital Communication Projects compare Analog Communication

As the signals are digitized, there are many advantages of digital communication over analog communication, such as −

  • The effect of distortion, noise, and interference is much less in digital signals as they are less affected.

  • Digital circuits are more reliable.

  • Digital circuits are easy to design and cheaper than analog circuits.

  • The hardware implementation in digital circuits, is more flexible than analog.

  • The occurrence of cross-talk is very rare in digital communication.

  • The signal is un-altered as the pulse needs a high disturbance to alter its properties, which is very difficult.

  • Signal processing functions such as encryption and compression are employed in digital circuits to maintain the secrecy of the information.

  • The probability of error occurrence is reduced by employing error detecting and error correcting codes.

  • Spread spectrum technique is used to avoid signal jamming.This we can able to find by using Matlab Digital communication simulation.

  • Combining digital signals using Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) is easier than combining analog signals using Frequency Division Multiplexing (FDM).

  • The configuring process of digital signals is easier than analog signals.

  • Digital signals can be saved and retrieved more conveniently than analog signals.

  • Many of the digital circuits have almost common encoding techniques and hence similar devices can be used for a number of purposes.

  • The capacity of the channel is effectively utilized by digital signals.

Digital Communication Projects

DIG001 High-Speed Visible Light Communication Chipset Based Multi-Color MIMO System  2020
DIG002 Pulse Width Modulated Visible Light Communication using Digital Micro-mirror Device Projector for Voice Information Guidance System 2020
DIG003 A Strategy on Channel Equalization for Digital Communication Based on Neural Network System 2020
DIG004 Transformations of Professional Political Communications in the Digital Society (by the Example of the Fake News Communication Strategy) 2020
DIG005 Direct Digital Synthesis and Current Mirror Based Software Defined General Purpose Visible Light Communication Transmitter 2020
DIG006 Communication Technologies in the Training of IT Specialists in the Digital Economy 2020
DIG007 Methods of Improving the Operation Speed of Direct Digital Synthesizers for Radiolocation and Communication Systems 2020
DIG008 Implementation of high speed data transfer serialized 128/130bit encoding algorithm using 90nm technology 2020
DIG009 Secure Satellite Communication Digital IF CMOS Q -Band Transmitter and K -Band Receiver 2020
DIG010 Joint Equalization of Linear Impairments Using a Unified Frame Algorithm in terms of Kalman Filter in Coherent Optical Communication Systems 2020
DIG011 Hybrid and full-digital beamforming in mmWave Massive MIMO systems: A comparison considering low-resolution ADCs 2020
DIG012 Design and Implementation of a Visible Light Communication and Coding System Based on IEEE802.15.7 Standard 2020
DIG013 Design and Pattern Measurement of a Sub-6GHz 64-Channel Full Digital Massive MIMO System 2020
DIG014 Impact Assessment of the L-Band Digital Aeronautical Communications System on the Joint Tactical Information Distribution System 2020
DIG015 Problems in Network Control Systems and their Solutions 2020


Digital Communication Projects for Students

1.Game-Theoretic Approaches for Wireless Communications with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

2.Waveform Multiplexing for New Radio: Numerology Management and 3D Evaluation

3.Parallel Channel Sounder for MIMO Channel Measurements

4.POSENS: A Practical Open Source Solution for End-to-End Network Slicing

5.Customized Industrial Networks: Network Slicing Trial at Hamburg Seaport

Digital Communication Projects for final year

Digital Communication Mini Projects

6.Machine Learning Paradigms for Next-Generation Wireless Networks

7.Intelligent 5G: When Cellular Networks Meet Artificial Intelligence

8.Ultra-Reliable and Low-Latency Communications in 5G Downlink: Physical Layer Aspects

9.Long-range communications in unlicensed bands: the rising stars in the IoT and smart city scenarios

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