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2018-2019 Internship Projects Titles

1.A Novel Carrier-Overlapped PWM Method for Four-Level Neutral-Point Clamped Converters

2.Reduction of EMI Noise Due to Nonideal Interleaving in a 100 kW SiC PV Converter

3.Modeling and Stability Assessment of Single-Phase Grid Synchronization Techniques: Linear Time-Periodic Versus Linear Time-Invariant Frameworks

4.A Dual-Edge Pulsewidth Modulator for Fast Dynamic Response DC–DC Converters

5.Globally Stable Speed-Adaptive Observer With Auxiliary States for Sensorless Induction Motor Drives

6.Short-Circuit Current Estimation of Modular Multilevel Converter Using Discrete-Time Modeling

7.Sequence-Impedance-Based Stability Comparison Between VSGs and Traditional Grid-Connected Inverters

8.Inner Supply Data Transmission in Quasi-Resonant Flyback Converters for Li-Ion Battery Applications Using Multiplexing Mode

9.High-QThree-Dimensional Microfabricated Magnetic-Core Toroidal Inductors for Power Supplies in Package

10.Selective Harmonic Mitigation Based Self-Elimination of Triplen Harmonics for Single-Phase Five-Level Inverters

2018 Internship Topics for EEE Students
You may for example have solar power system to charge a battery of 12V battery but your Arduino processor and I2C or RS232 IC for communication monitoring of the solar powerplant on a mobile telephone or 3G data link needs only 3.5V. Instead of using a resistor to consume the energy difference the DC/DC converter converts the one source to the other more efficiently.


Internship for EEE in bangalore

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