2023-2024 Final Year Projects for Renewable Energy

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2023-2024 Renewable Energy Projects for Electrical Engineering Students

Abstract: With the technological advancements in the recent past, one could easily find that entrepreneurs and intellectuals are working hard to make their way in to the renewable energies. Renewable Energies have proven to be something that is going to be a part of the future generations in their livelihood. With top companies like Tesla making their way into this field knowing the importance of such productive energy resource and willing to invest billions of fund on Solar Energy, it directly indicates the necessity rather than the importance. So keeping the futurism in mind it is vital for you to learn and know the importance of these renewable energies. Building projects in this field not only expose you to the advancing technology but also provides you the necessary platform to showcase your talent and monetize from it
renewable energy projects for EEE
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2023-2024 Renewable Energy Projects for Engineering Students

  • 1.Predictive Risk Analytics for Weather-Resilient Operation of Electric Power Systems
  • 2.Wind Power Curve Modeling and Wind Power Forecasting With Inconsistent Data
  • 3.Current Error Based Compensations for VSC Current Control in Weak Grids for Wind Farm Applications
  • 4.Control of Flywheel Energy Storage Systems in the Presence of Uncertainties
  • 5.A Combined Algorithm for Cleaning Abnormal Data of Wind Turbine Power Curve Based on Change Point Grouping Algorithm and Quartile Algorithm

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