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2020-2021 Bioinformatics Projects titles

1.Cloning and restriction studies.

2.PCR and Primer Design

3.Structure Prediction or Modeling of Proteins

4.Genome analysis and annotation

5.Nucleotide sequence and analysis

6.Structural analysis

7.Phylogenetic analysis

8.SNP Analysis

9.Gene Silencing

10.Protein Sequence Analysis

11.Comparative Genomics

12.Data mining for microarrays

13.Docking and Drug Design

14.RNA Analysis

15.Drug Target Identification.

16.Vector Construction

17.Identifying Biomolecular Subgroups Using Attractor Metagenes

18.Predicting Protein Secondary Structure Using a Neural Network

19.Gene Ontology Enrichment in Microarray Data

20.Exploring Genome-wide Differences in DNA Methylation Profiles

21.Identifying Differentially Expressed Genes from RNA-Seq Data

22.Exploring Protein-DNA Binding Sites from Paired-End ChIP-Seq Data

23.Developing MapReduce Algorithms for Next-Generation Sequencing

24.Working with Illumina Solexa Next-Generation Sequencing Data

25.Performing a Metagenomic Analysis of a Sargasso Sea Sample

26.Analyzing the Human Distal Gut Microbiome

27.Calculating and Visualizing Sequence Statistics

28.Aligning Pairs of Sequences

29.Working with Whole Genome Data

30.Comparing Whole Genomes

31.Assessing the Significance of an Alignment

32.Using Scoring Matrices to Measure Evolutionary Distance

33.Using HMMs for Profile Analysis of a Protein Family

34.Building a Phylogenetic Tree for the Hominidae Species

35.Analyzing the Origin of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus

36.Analyzing Synonymous and Nonsynonymous Substitution Rates

37.Investigating the Bird Flu Virus

38.Reconstructing the Origin and the Diffusion of the SARS Epidemic

39.Bootstrapping Phylogenetic Trees

40.Exploring Primer Design

41.Identifying Over-Represented Regulatory Motifs

42.Predicting and Visualizing the Secondary Structure of RNA Sequences

43.Working with Objects for Microarray Experiment Data

44.Analyzing Illumina® Bead Summary Gene Expression Data

45.Detecting DNA Copy Number Alteration in Array-Based CGH Data

46.Analyzing Array-Based CGH Data Using Bayesian Hidden Markov Modeling

47.Visualizing Microarray Data

48.Gene Expression Profile Analysis

49.Working with Affymetrix® Data

50.Preprocessing Affymetrix® Microarray Data at the Probe Level

51.Exploring Gene Expression Data

52.Analyzing Affymetrix® SNP Arrays for DNA Copy Number Variants

53.Working with GEO Series Data

54.Preprocessing Raw Mass Spectrometry Data

55.Visualizing and Preprocessing Hyphenated Mass Spectrometry Data Sets for Metabolite and Protein/Peptide Profiling

56.Identifying Significant Features and Classifying Protein Profiles

57.Differential Analysis of Complex Protein and Metabolite Mixtures using Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS)

58.Genetic Algorithm Search for Features in Mass Spectrometry Data

59.Batch Processing of Spectra Using Sequential and Parallel Computing

60.Visualizing the Three-Dimensional Structure of a Molecule

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