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IEEE 2016 ECE Projects

1. Embedded Sensor System For Early Pathology Detection In Building Construction

2. Prototype of RF based station intimation coach status information and control system

3. Prevention D.C current injection into transformer less grid connector inverters

4. A Local Area GPS Preudolite Based MARS Navigation System

5. GPS Based System For Minimizing Folds Of Heavy Equipment Operators

6. Signal Indicator For Vehicles In Single Hairpin Bend And Vehicle Counter

7. An Embedded System For Position And Speed Measurement Adopting Incremental Encoders

8. RFID Based System For Class Room Identification For Visually Impaired

9. Intelligent RFID based traffic control and regulation using CAN Bus

10. Finger Based License And RFID Based RC Book For Vehicle

11. Automatic Train Station Announcement System With Bomb Detection

12. RFID Based Ignition System For Vehicles

13. Bus Identification System For Visually Impaired People

14. Remote distribution transformer monitoring and controlling system using F.M

15. Involuntary station name display with voice attentive system for train

16. Automated pollution detection and monitoring system using carbon sensors

17. Automatic Traffic Controller For Ambulance And VIP Vehicles

18. Involuntary toll gate system for vehicle traffic management

19. Microcontroller based wireless energy meter

20. Finger print based door open close system

21. PID Based Flow Controller

22. GSM based Tele-monitoring system

23. Coin Based Mobile Phone Charger

24. Finger Print based medical announcement system

25. Windmill Monitoring Using Internet

26. Unmanned toll taxi using RFID

27. Industrial Power Saving and Automatic Attendance System

28. IR sensor based home/industrial Automation

29. A Smart Sensing Unit For Vibration Measurement And Monitoring

30. Automatic drunken drive avoiding system for automobile

31. Finger print based Lift operating system

32. Microcontroller based Finger print based voting machine

33. Microcontroller based automatic power factor controlling system

34. Microcontroller Based Automatic Track Guided vehicle (ATGV)

35. Electrical Appliances Controlling System Using Cell Phone

36. DC/DC converter with Solar Panel PV applications

37. CAN Based Energy Billing System

38. Remote controlled AC/DC Motor Speed Controlling System

39. Microcontroller Based Temperature and Respiration Monitoring System

40. Microcontroller Based Automatic Railways Signaling System

41. Microcontroller Based Automatic Moisture and Light control System for Garden

42. Microcontroller Based Industry Safety Control System

43. Automatic Vehicle Over Speed Indication and Controlling System

44. Microcontroller Based Automatic medicine announcement system

IEEE 2015 Embedded System Projects

1. A Design Of Linux Based Zigbee And Bluetooth Low Energy Wireless Gateway For Remote Parameter

2. A Gsm, Wsn And Embedded Web Server Architecture For Internet Based Kitchen Monitoring System

3. A Low Cost M2m Architecture For Intelligent Public Transit

4. A Portable Electronic System For Health Monitoring Of Elderly People

5. A Secure Biometrics-Based Multi-Server Authentication Protocol Using Smart Cards

6. A Sensor-Based Dual-Arm Tele-Robotic System

7. A Wireless Tracking System For At-Home Medical Equipment During Natural Disasters

8. Advanced Vehicle Security System

9. An Electronic Information Desk System For Information Dissemination In Educational Institutions

10. An Implementation Of Mobile Control Room Environment In Android Platform For Industrial Applications

IEEE 2015-2016 Embedded System Projects

1. Android Based Health Care Monitoring System

2. Arm Based Remote Monitoring And Control System For Environmental Parameters In Greenhouse

3. Co - Gps: Energy Efficient Gps Sensing With Cloud Offloading

4. Deep Representations For Iris, Face, And Fingerprint Spoofing Detection

5. Design And Implementation Of A Multifunctional Self-Balancing Mobile Platform

6. Design And Implementation Of An Sms Based Home Security System

7. Design And Implementation Of Automated Blood Bank Using Embedded Systems

8. Design And Implementation Of Water Environment Monitoring System Using Gsm Technology

9. Driver Gaze Tracking And Eyes Off The Road Detection System

10. Energy Efficient Automation System With Smart Task Scheduling

IEEE 2016 Telecommunication Projects

1. A Backoff Counter Reservation Scheme for Performance Improvement in Wireless Body Area Networks

2. A Hand Gesture Based Transceiver System for Multiple Application

3. A Smart Phone Based BCI for Secret Remote Communication Using Wireless Sensor Network

4. A Time and Energy Efficient Parking System Using ZigBee Communication Protocol

5. A ZigBee Based Reliable and Efficient Power Metering System for Energy Management and Controlling

6. AID: A Prototype for Agricultural Intrusion Detection Using Wireless Sensor Network


8. Attendance Management System

9. Automated Monitoring and Control System for Shrimp Farms Based on Embedded System and Wireless Sensor Network

10. Automatic Detection of Squats in Railway Track

11. Battery Monitoring System by Detecting Dead Battery Cells

12. Cyber Physical System Approach for Heart Attack Detection and Control Using Wireless Monitoring and Actuation System

13. Design & Development of Daughter Board for Raspberry Pi to support Bluetooth Communication using UART

14. Design and Analysis of a Collision Avoidance System for the Visually Impaired

15. Design and Development of Mobile Application for Postal Department Service Management

16. Design and Implementation of a Wireless Sensor Network for Rose Greenhouses Monitoring

17. Design and Implementation of Water Environment Monitoring System using GSM Technology

18. Design of Low-power Data Acquisition and Transmission System Based on ZigBee

19. Design of the Remote Sensing Circuit for Water Conductivity

20. Development and Analysis of Wireless Controlled Batch Process System Using Arm

21. Development of WSN System for Precision Agriculture

22. Embedded DSP-Based Telehealth Radar System for Remote In-Door Fall Detection

23. Embedded Wireless Data Acquisition System for Unmanned Vehicle in Underwater Environment

24. eWALL radiofrequency energy harvesting system

25. zig-bee Based Intelligent Helmet for coal miners


27. Implementation of Elliptic Curve Diffie Hellman in Ultra-Low Power Microcontroller

28. Infrared Based Clinical Landmark Determination For Ultrasound Image Acquisition

29. Low-cost and Reliable Wireless Communication System for Monitoring a Photovoltaic Source

30. Mechanical Movement Aid to Nerve Damaged and Parkinson's using Pressure & frequency detection (Pseudo Arm Controller)

31. Photosensitive Security System for Theft Detection and Control using GSM technology

32. Power Gain Estimation of an Event-driven Wake-Up Controller dedicated to WSN’s Microcontroller

33. Real-time Fall Detection and Tagless Localization using Radar Techniques

34. Remote Measurement and Surveillance Grid for Landslide Risk Assessment and Mitigation


36. Secure End-to-End SMS Communication over GSM Networks

37. Smart System to Detect and Track Pollution in Marine Environments

38. Smart Water Meter System for User-Centric Consumption Measurement

39. Smart Wireless Authenticating Voting Machine

40. System based on inertial sensors for behavioral monitoring of wildlife

41. The small automation machine for Produce Biodiesel by using the wasted cooking oil

42. Wireless Fingerprint Attendance Management System

43. Wireless Network Node of LED Street Lamps

44. Wireless Sensor Network in Wind and Solar Hybrid Street Lamp Application

1. Minimum-Time Trajectory Planning and Control of a Pick-and-Place Five-Bar Parallel Robot

2. Autonomous Pose Detection and Alignment of Suction Modules of a Biped Wall-Climbing Robot

3. Design of a Direct-Driven Linear Actuator for a High-Speed Quadruped Robot, Cheetaroid-I

4. Manipulator Design and Operation of a Six-Degree-of-Freedom Handheld Tremor-Canceling Microsurgical Instrument

5. Cooperative Path Planning for Target Tracking in Urban Environments Using Unmanned Air and Ground Vehicles

6. Vehicle Color Classification Under Different Lighting Conditions Through Color Correction

7. A Low-Power Wireless Sensor for Online Ambient Monitoring

8. Implementing Intelligent Traffic Control System for Congestion Control, Ambulance Clearance, and Stolen Vehicle Detection

9. Improved Ultrasonic Phased Array Based on Encoded Transmissions for Obstacle Detection

10. A Zigbee-Based Animal Health Monitoring System

11. WSN-Based Smart Sensors and Actuator for Power Management in Intelligent Buildings

12. Long-Range Magnetic Tracking System

13. A Phase-Based Technique for Localization of UHF-RFID Tags Moving on a Conveyor Belt: Performance Analysis and Test-Case Measurements

14. Embedded Linux based Finger print security access control system using Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor

15. Raspberry pi based liquid flow monitoring and control

16. Bluetooth communication using a touchscreen interface with the Raspberry Pi

17. Low-Cost Speaker and Language Recognition Systems Running on a Raspberry Pi

18. Automated electric meter reading and monitoring system using ZigBee- integrated raspberry Pi single board computer via Modbus

19. Raspberry Pi as a Wireless Sensor node: Performances and constraints

20. Raspberry Pi based interactive home automation system through E-mail

21. Secure sensor node with Raspberry Pi

22. Control system for video advertising based on Raspberry Pi

23. Using of Raspberry Pi for data acquisition from biochemical analyzers

24. Browser based device control using Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor

25. Solar powered Intel® Galileo microcontroller board

26. Cubie truck Cubieboard3 Cortex-A7 Dual-Core interfaced RFID for tollgate control system

27. MSP430 mixed-signal microcontroller based locker security system with auto alerting and punishing system

28. Cubie truck Cubieboard3 Cortex-A7 based Power management system in shopping malls

29. Design of an embedded platform using Texas Instruments MSP430 based GPS based border alert system for fishermen

30. A design of Highly sensitive Alcohol sensor with auto car ignition disable feature using Radxa rock - arm cortex a9

31. Design and implementation of car driving MSP430 mixed-signal microcontroller based versatile robot car system for physically handicapped

32. An New WBDUAL (Wand Board Dual) ARM i.MX6 Cortex-A9 based Cell Phone for Remote Controlled Embedded System for Irrigation

33. Design of WBDUAL (Wand Board Dual) ARM i.MX6 Cortex-A9 Dual Core based wireless controlling of powered devices using android smart phones with Wi-Fi

34. WBDUAL (Wand Board Dual) ARM Cortex-A9 Dual Core Processor Development Board with WiFi accessing for security controls implementation

35. Development of a tilt measurement system based on MEMS sensor and Cortex-M3

36. Driver design and implementation of CAN BUS in real-time operating system based on ARM Cortex-M3

37. A new embedded design based Missile detection and auto destroy system using Banana Pi processor

38. Wireless Power Transmission with Self-Regulated Output Voltage for Cubieboard3

39. Design of pre-verifying Serial-Ethernet communication gateway based on LM3S8962

40. Implementation of arm embedded web server for DAS using raspberry pi

41. Web remote controlled robot cam using WebIOPi Framework with Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor

42. Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor based Remote Surveillance System using Embedded LINUX, WebCam

43. Development of embedded Web Server on Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor

44. Home Monitoring System with Motion Detection and Email Alerts using Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor

45. Design of the Remote Data Monitoring and recording system based on Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor

46. Exploiting Multiple Wireless Interfaces in Smart phones for Traffic Offloading using Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor mini computer

47. Design of new Embedded speaking Robot for Older adult’s medication management in the home using Linux single board computer Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi Processor

48. Home Automation using Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor (ARM11) with Capacitive Touch Screen

49. Array Designs for Long-Distance Wireless Power Transmission: State-of-the-Art and Innovative Solutions for self powered Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor

50. Embedded Linux based Automatic Door opening and Room Illumination Control system using sensors and minicomputer Banana Pi processor

51. Embedded Linux based Hardware Implementation of Ground Classification for a Walking Robot using Raspberry Pi/Banana Pi processor

52. HRI-2013 Workshop on Probabilistic Approaches for Robot Control in Human-Robot Interaction (PARC-HRI) using Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor

53. Embedded Platform usage for Physical computing and Android in Robotics using Mini computer Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor

54. Embedded Linux based an Investigating the Accuracy of Mobile Urban Sensing with Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor and GSM technology

55. Airplay Mirroring on Raspberry Pi

56. TRANSFERRING images from Raspberry PI to Windows GUI

57. Raspberry Pi based fire detection based on image processing and alerting system

58. Wi-Fi based Raspberry Pi home

59. Wireless sensor network for real-time air pollution monitoring using Rasberry Pi

60. Wireless Machine-to-Machine Healthcare Solution Using Android Mobile Devices in Global Networks using Raspberry Pi

61. Full-duplex communication by live video streaming to detect the fire based on image processing and continues robot Implementation using Raspberry Pi

62. Pi Concealed Alarm using Raspberry Pi

63. Sensor based Gear Position Identification System based on Raspberry Pi

64. Raspberry Pi based domesticated robot

65. Human Heart beat signal and Temperature analysis using MATLAB

66. Raspberry Pi based Disaster Security Robot

67. Pi-Robot implementation using Raspberry Pi controlling through MATLAB

68. Defibrillator developing using Raspberry

69. Design and implementation of a GPRS remote data logger for weather forecasting using Raspberry Pi

70. Object sorting implementation using Raspberry Pi

71. Raspberry Pi based SCADA System

72. Embedded design of location based car music player control system with Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor

73. Design of an ARM -11 core Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor based Practical Human-Powered Contact less Charger for Cell phone

74. A New method of a Button based nurse or attender calling system using Real-time embedded OS Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi

75. ARM-11 Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi Processor Based Smart Car Security for Theft control and Accident Notification

76. An Embedded Linux Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi based Integrating Off-Board Cameras and Vehicle On-Board Localization for Pedestrian Safety

77. An Optical Wireless Intra vehicular communication using Real-time embedded OS Raspberry Pi / Banana Pi processor

78. Location-Aware and Safer Cards: Enhancing RFID Security and Privacy via Location Sensing using Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi

79. Fabrication of Robot using Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi with Android Wi-Fi controlled for human and fire detection alerts

80. Embedded LINUX Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi and Android based voice controlled notice board with Scrolling LED display

81. Embedded Linux based Implementation of MCU and the Internet Communication System Based on Wi-Fi using Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor

82. A Wireless Sensor Network for RF Characterization of Buildings using Embedded Linux platform for Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor

83. An Efficient design of Green House Monitoring and Controlling Using Android Mobile Application with Linux single board computer Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi

84. Solar powered Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi for Building Lighting Automation through the Integration of DALI with Wireless Sensor Networks

85. RFID Based Prepaid Petro Card management system at Petrol Station Using Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi ARM-11 processor

86. An Intelligent Pollution Control System: Auto Ignition Cut off for Automotives by Detecting Carbon Monoxide using arm-11 core Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor

87. An OTP generation for Password protected GSM based Device Control using Minicomputer Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi

88. Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor based ATM terminal design for Fingerprint Combination for Privacy Protection

89. Design of Path detection for blind people using ultrasonic sensor and mini computer Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor

90. Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi based Low cost high accuracy state estimation for accident collision to prevent vehicles

91. Embedded Linux based an improved ultra-low-power wireless sensor-station supplied by a photovoltaic harvester using mini computer Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor

92. Wireless Bluetooth communication with Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi design of a smart prepaid energy metering system to control electricity theft

93. Designing Android Applications Using Voice Controlled Commands: For Hands Free Interaction with Common Household Devices using Linux single board computer

94. Easy as Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi Processor for an Electronic voting machine developed using GSM technology and Embedded Linux

95. Embedded Linux based mini computer Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi interface for Personal health monitoring with Android based mobile devices

96. An Ultra Violet Sterilization System with UV Lamp Failure Detection and content Volume Monitoring using Linux single board mini computer Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi

97. Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor based GPS data logger using Linux single board computer

98. Embedded Linux based Recognition of kids activities to prevent from misfortunes using triaxial accelerometer and pressure sensors using Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor

99. ARM-11 based Multi Level High security with OTP using single board computer

100. An innovative solution for reallocating public bike among bike stations using RFID and GPS with Linux single board computer Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi

101. Wireless security control system and embedded web server network for smoke and fire detection using Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor

102. Development on gas leak detection and location system based on wireless sensor networks with arm-11 core Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor

103. Creating innovation with systems integration road and vehicle integrated electric transportation system using Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor

104. An efficient design of Wireless black box using MEMS accelerometer and GPS tracking for accidental monitoring of vehicles using Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor

105. A Millimeter-Scale Energy-Autonomous Sensor System with Stacked Battery and Solar Cells

106. Cache Simulation for Instruction Set Simulator QEMU

107. Design and implementation of software architecture behavioral-based robot control system using Active Object Computing Model

108. Smart home design based on ZigBee wireless sensor network using ARM cortex M3

109. Graphical Software Development Methods Based on Cortex-M3 Embedded Systems

110. Interrupt aware queue implementation for energy efficient multitasking systems based on Cortex-M3 architecture

111. A multi channel data acquisition system for bolometer detectors based on microcontroller Cortex M3 architecture

112. Research and implementation of networked data acquisition system based on Cortex-M3

113. A multi-parameter signal monitoring system based on Cortex-M3

114. Research of roots flow meter based on ARM Cortex-M3

115. Energy Efficient High-Performance Computing Using ARM Cortex-A9 Cores

116. Automated Traffic Light Control System with VIP/Emergency Override System from Web using Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor

117. Design and Implementation of e-Surveillance Robot for Video Monitoring and Motion Detection using Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor

118. A new method of Biometric based Intelligent Industrial Devices Control using Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi

119. A New design of Voice operated Intelligent Fire extinguisher vehicle using smart phone and minicomputer Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor

120. Embedded Implementation of Solar powered optimal power point tracking Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor for industrial automation

121. A Single board Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi Processor based Multitasking Hardware control using embedded Linux

122. Design and Implementation of Wireless Sensor Network For Multi-Storey Building using Broadcom BCM2835 system on a chip (SoC) Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor

123. Use of ultrasonic signal coding and PIR sensor to enhance the sensing reliability of an embedded surveillance system using Linux single board computer

124. Real life applicable fall detection system based on wireless body area network using Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor

125. Android Wi-Fi based Robot navigation system with RFID and sensors in library using arm-11 Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor

126. Environment monitoring and device control using Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor based embedded controlled sensor network

127. A new Multimodal interaction for service robot control using Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor

128. Field variables monitoring in real time (GPS, soil, moisture, temperature) with precision framing applications using ARM-11 Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi Core processor

129. An Autonomous robot based wheel chair control with video surveillance using Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi

130. Embedded Linux based Water environment monitoring system based on zigbee technology with Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi

131. Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor based Management of mechanical vibration and temperature in small wind turbines using zigbee wireless network

132. A Low power wireless sensor network for building monitoring using Wi-Fi hotspot and Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor

133. Embedded Linux based an intelligent house hold LED lighting system considering energy efficiency and user satisfaction with door access control system

134. A new Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor based design of an emergency remote security monitoring and control system based on zigbee

135. Design of concealed alarm system based on PIR Sensor and GSM using Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor

136. Design implementation of intelligent campus security tracking system using zigbee & RFID with Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor

137. ARM-11 Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi core processor based Digital control for home lighting system with zigbee communication

138. Video surveillance based on Linux Embedded Mini computer Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi for Hazardous gas detecting method applied in coal mines detection robot

139. The research on zigbee based mine safety monitoring system using ARM-11 Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor

140. A New Development of In-Home Display Systems for Residential Energy Monitoring using Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor

141. Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor based Mobile Camera usage for Cross-Screen Interaction by Object Matching and Tracking

142. A Remote-Control System of High Efficiency and Intelligent Street Lighting Using a ZigBee Network of Devices and Sensors using mini computer Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi

143. Embedded Linux Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor based Smart Heating and Air Conditioning Scheduling Method Incorporating Customer Convenience for Home Energy Management System

144. Embedded Linux based Smart Host Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor for Optimal Battery Charging in a Solar-Powered Robotic Vehicle

145. Global Sensor Deployment and Local Coverage-aware Recovery Schemes for Smart Environments using Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor

146. A Unique ID based SMS calling or alerting system using GSM with Real time OS Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor

147. Student attendance monitoring and access control using Embedded Linux OS based single board computer Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi

148. Design of Ultrasonic sensors based spectacles and waist belt for blind using mini computer arm-11 core Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor

149. A New Product Design and Construction of an Intelligent Combat Robot for war fields using Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor

150. An Effeicient design of an Industrial Data Locker Using Android Plat Form with ARM-11 core Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor

151. Design of a Human vehicle interface using Wireless Wi-Fi Communication based on ARM-11 Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi Processor

152. Embedded Linux Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi based an emergency message display on Android smart phone

153. Advanced User Controlled Roof Top Antenna Signal Tracking System with 10RPM geared DC motor using Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor

154. Sensor Movement Based Sensor Switching For Data Acquisition using Raspberry Pi ARM1176JZF-S processor

155. Application of Image Processing Techniques for the Extraction of Vehicle Number Plates over ARM target Board BCM2835 Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi

156. A State-of-the-Art Review for ALPR using ARM1176JZF-S Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi (Automatic License Plate Recognition)

157. Automatic License Plate Extraction from Still Images using arm-11 and Camera (Number plate recognition and automatic gate opening system using Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi

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