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1. Embedded Sensor System For Early Pathology Detection In Building Construction

2. Prototype of RF based station intimation coach status information and control system

3. Prevention D.C current injection into transformer less grid connector inverters

4. A Local Area GPS Preudolite Based MARS Navigation System

5. GPS Based System For Minimizing Folds Of Heavy Equipment Operators

6. Signal Indicator For Vehicles In Single Hairpin Bend And Vehicle Counter

7. An Embedded System For Position And Speed Measurement Adopting Incremental Encoders

8. RFID Based System For Class Room Identification For Visually Impaired

9. Intelligent RFID based traffic control and regulation using CAN Bus

10. Finger Based License And RFID Based RC Book For Vehicle

11. Automatic Train Station Announcement System With Bomb Detection

12. RFID Based Ignition System For Vehicles

13. Bus Identification System For Visually Impaired People

14. Remote distribution transformer monitoring and controlling system using F.M

15. Involuntary station name display with voice attentive system for train

16. Automated pollution detection and monitoring system using carbon sensors

17. Automatic Traffic Controller For Ambulance And VIP Vehicles

18. Involuntary toll gate system for vehicle traffic management

19. Microcontroller based wireless energy meter

20. Finger print based door open close system

21. PID Based Flow Controller

22. GSM based Tele-monitoring system

23. Coin Based Mobile Phone Charger

24. Finger Print based medical announcement system

25. Windmill Monitoring Using Internet

26. Unmanned toll taxi using RFID

27. Industrial Power Saving and Automatic Attendance System

28. IR sensor based home/industrial Automation

29. A Smart Sensing Unit For Vibration Measurement And Monitoring

30. Automatic drunken drive avoiding system for automobile

31. Finger print based Lift operating system

32. Microcontroller based Finger print based voting machine

33. Microcontroller based automatic power factor controlling system

34. Microcontroller Based Automatic Track Guided vehicle (ATGV)

35. Electrical Appliances Controlling System Using Cell Phone

36. DC/DC converter with Solar Panel PV applications

37. CAN Based Energy Billing System

38. Remote controlled AC/DC Motor Speed Controlling System

39. Microcontroller Based Temperature and Respiration Monitoring System

40. Microcontroller Based Automatic Railways Signaling System

41. Microcontroller Based Automatic Moisture and Light control System for Garden

42. Microcontroller Based Industry Safety Control System

43. Automatic Vehicle Over Speed Indication and Controlling System

44. Microcontroller Based Automatic medicine announcement system

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