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Biomedical Projects

2023 Medical Electronics Engineering Projects in Bangalore

1.Shortwave diathermy stimulation therapy

2.Infant phototherapy using uv method

3.Electronic patients weighing scale

4.Pocket held fetal heart monitoring system

5.Breathing control nebulization system

6.Automatic patient™s heart beat and body temperature monitoring for remote doctor

7.Measurement of inhaled / exhaled respiratory system

8.Transabdominal fetal heart rate detection using nir photopleythysmography: instrumentation and clinical results

9.A Neuro-sliding-mode control with adaptive modeling of uncertainty for control of movement in paralyzed limbs using functional electrical stimulation

10.A Mini-invasive long-term bladder urine pressure measurement system

11.A Transcranial magnetic stimulator inducing near-rectangular pulses with controllable pulse width

12.Telemetric intracranial pressure sensor system for biomedical applications

13.Mems based assistance for physically challenging people

14.Innovative platform for tele physiotherapy

15.Wireless fall sensor with gps location for monitoring the elderly

16.Blusteth-wireless stethoscope using blue tooth

17.Analysis of depth of anasthesia using monitoring device and sensors

18.EMG assisted migraine therapy

19.Analysis, design, and control of a transcutaneous power regulator for artificial hearts

20.Body sensors: wireless access to physiological data

2023-2024 Medical Electronics Engineering Projects in Bangalore

21.Task performance is prioritized over energy reduction

22. Mobile human airbag system for fall protection using mems sensors and embedded svm classifier

23.Development of zigbee mobile router for supporting network mobility in healthcare system

24.Congestion-aware, loss-resilient bio-monitoring sensor networking for mobile health applications

25.Ambulatory center of mass prediction using body accelerations and center of foot pressure

26.Bio-mechanical analysis of human hand

27. Remote compact sensor for the real-time monitoring of human heartbeat and respiration rate

28. Electro myo graphy

29. Measuring and transmitting vital body signs using mems sensors

30. Modeling of prosthetic limb rotation control by sensing rotation of residual arm bone

31. Premature infant side-stream respiratory gas monitoring sensor

32. Patient monitoring using gsm and zig bee for hospitals and oldage homes

33. Wireless data acquisition system for remote care of newely born prematures

34. Zigbee device access control and reliable data transmission in zigbee based health monitoring system

35. Smulti sensor strategies to assist blind people: a clear-path indicator

36. Cough monitoring system

37. Mems based pc commands using hand signals

38. Wireless telemetry system for the transmission of ecg signals

39. Wheelchair control using voice signals for disabled patients

40. Breath analyzer for terminally ill patients with sleep pattern analysis

2023-2024 Biomedical Projects for ECE

41. Auto phone control using hand signals for disabled patients using mems

42. Impact estimation and analysis of patient during fall

43. Robot control using hand signals

44. Ultrasonic and voice based walking stick for the blind

45. Foot pressure monitor for athletes and patients

46. Automatic vehicle security system using alcohol sensor

47. Fingerprint identification based automatic teller machine

48. Involuntary anethesia controlling system using multiple medical functions

49. Automatic timed blood pressure mearsuring system for patients

50. Foot control operation theater light with intensity control

51. Ultrasound therapy by using piezo electric method

52. Respiratory monitoring system with temperature sensor and breath sensor

53. Patient fall detection using hip and abdomen sensor

54. Breathing sensor with sleeping disorder pattern analysis

55. Non invasive human respiratory measurement

56. Bionic sensor based stress sensing and hip monitoring with lcd display

57. Integrated patient monitoring gateway using rfid

58. Intelligent monitoring system in psychological health

59. Wireless communication based blood pressure measurement

60. Hospital emergency caring system

61. Rfid based health card system

62. Respiratory temperature monitor in ICU

63. Reduce the potential risks for sudden infant death syndrome (sids)

64. A wireless sensor network platform for healthcare services

65. Electrical safety analyser for biomedical equipments

66. Internet access and rehabilitation for visually challenged people

67. Development of intelligent power wheelchair assisting for people on daily life using motion recognition

68. Wheelchair type biomedical system with event-recorder function

69. Telephone dialing system for the blind

70. Design and development of english text reading machine for visually impaired persons

71. Zigbee based patient monitoring system

72. Smart medi kit- care taking system for elderly persons/patients with auto dialer

73. Rfid based system for class room identification for visually impaired

74. Smart paroxysm prediction& life saver system

75. Intelligent robotic wheel chair for specialty operations & physically challenged

76. Web-based caregiver monitoring system for assisting visually impaired people

77. Head steered obstruction sensitive wheelchair

78. Eye ball sensor based eye tracking automatic wheel chair movement for paralysed patients

79. Multi sensor strategies to assist blind people: a clear-path indicator

80. Automated vehicles for physically and visually challenged

81. Smart coat with biomedical sensors for walking patients collision/accident avoidence system using ultrsonic sensors

82. Movement activity monitoring of elderly people-application in remote home care systems

83. Automatic medicine announcement system

84. Eyeball controlled eye tracking system for physically impaired patients

85. Stimulation of paralyzed muscle using infrared rays (IR)

86. Pc based emergency ambulance calling system

87. Fall detection & activity monitoring for oldsters

88.Patient monitoring system (upto four parameter)

89.Ultrasound as a biochemical diganostic tool

90.Anesthesia machine model with aep simulator

91.Neuropatic foot exerciser

92.Digital pulmonary function test using microcontroller(dpft)

93.Human skin colour sensor

94.Safe gaurd for blind

95.Artificial kidney

96.Role of biomedical in a hospital

97.Monitoring system for premature babies

98.EEG biofeedback and stress management

99.Snore alarm electronic device

100.Tan timer: six timing positions suited to different skin types timing affected by sunlight intensity

2023-2024 Biomedical Projects IEEE

101.Highway hospital connecting system

102.Total quality management in healthcare

103.Aid suit

104.Microcontroller based temperature recorder and controlling system

105.i-Ball movement detector

106.Neuro-muscular stimulator

107.Wirelesh telemetry system for the transmission of ecg signals

108.Speaker and speech recognition

109.Dual parameter monitoring continuous passive movement machine

110.X-ray c-arm drive and control for imaging blood line

111.Braille watch

112.Pulse oximeter

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