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Basic schooling starts from home where a major part of a child’s time is spent with mother, considered to be first and best teacher. During this time the child is like a seed which needs fertile soil, water, air and sunlight. The fertile soil is the home, Robotics Projects for Mechanical Engineering Students

High School Projects in Physics

Where motor or generators have special requirements due to performance criteria, size or environment that have not been designed for before, there is often a requirement to custom build electric motor and generators assemblies including the building of an electric motor prototype. RJW has the capability to carry out electric motor prototype manufacture as well as small and medium production runs. In addition to electric motors, other wound components and assemblies can also be produced, such as generators, pumps and hybrid assemblies.
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Robotics Projects for Engineering Students

Robotic Projects for School Students

The school aims at imparting a complete and quality education not only by the way of formidably high academic standards, but also by developing all faculties intellectual, physical and spiritual. Our Endeavor is to enable students to develop an analytical mind, intellectual curiosity, moral integrity, a strong sense of values, a disciplined life style and a feeling of companion ship among students.
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For a comprehensive all round development of personality, opportunities are provided to students a general and co-curricular activities. A highly qualified staff is there to supervise the academic and co-curricular activities Parents will be kept informed about their child's scholastic and co-curricular achievements. "Individual attention to every child." is the key of the institution gifted children will be given every possible help, assistance and guidance to unfold their latent talents in studies. Sports and co-curricular activities
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Special emphasis will be given by school management to the development of the child. He / She will be guided to become a more dedicated, devoted and determined individual. The institution strives to mould the student. A strong emphasis is laid on games co-curricular activities, project work etc. so as to relate education to the real life experiences and to take education beyond the confines of the classroom making it into a rich, stimulation and creative experience.

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