2018-2019 Internship in bangalore

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2018-2019 Internship in Bangalore Bangalore Internships is committed to providing quality internships and services that are second to none. We are determined to deliver the best to our clients, partners and education providers.
We achieve this through: The allocation of an Internship Program Supervisor – A one on one contact providing support throughout the program. Orientation sessions – An introduction to Bangalore workplace culture. Monthly Newsletters – Every month an Intern Newsletter is sent out keeping interns up-to-date with local events with relevant program information. An Agent Newsletter is also distributed quarterly. Emergency Support – Bangalore Internships provides a support line for emergencies that may arise outside of office hours. Certificate of Participation – On completion of the internship all interns will receive feedback from the Host Organisation and a Certificate of Participation. Here at Bangalore Internships we are proud of the service that we offer and we are committed to continually improving these services. Additionally: We adhere to the best practice procedures, e.g. we respond to client and partner emails within 24 hours. We regularly participate in Networking Events organised by international education bodies and trade organisations in Australia and abroad to always be informed about the latest industry developments. Managing Director Diana Van Woerkom is a founder of the AIIA (Bangalore Internships Industry Association)

2018-2019 Internship in Bangalore for Computer Science Engineering Students INTERN: All interns are allocated an Internship Program Supervisor (IPS) to act as the one on one point of contact with a focus on guidance and mentoring throughout the entire internship program. The IPS prepares interns for their internship and ensures that they get the very best out of the program! Additionally, the IPS provides visa support and services.
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Internship in Bangalore

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Internship in Bangalore
Comprehensive Internship Programs

In Bangalore Internships,We offer internship programs in almost all academic disciplines. Internships offer highly structured training in the workplace, benefiting both young professionals and host organisations.

Bangalore Internships programs offer innovative work experience focused on offering interns ‘hands on’ training through real world experience. Bangalore Internships individually selects suitable host companies for each and every applicant. Each program is negotiated on a case by case basis to ensure that it is tailor matched to candidates - their educational background and professional objectives.

The primary focus of the internship program is training and getting firsthand knowledge and exposure into the real working environment.

Internship in Bangalore
Bangalore Internship- Inclusion and Diversity

We at Bangaloren Internships celebrate diversity and inclusion and believe that no one should be discriminated against because of ethnicity, disability, religion, age, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

These fundamental values translate across our clients, partners and staff. We are committed to offering programs and services that are open to candidates of all backgrounds and beliefs and strive to remain as diverse as the communities in which we operate. Likewise, our team embraces diversity and aims to be a reflection of the global marketplace.

We were Bangalore’s first internship provider & are still considered the market leader
20+ years’ experience in delivering successful internship programs
13,841 candidates with over 93+ nationalities
7,000+ active Host Organisations Bangalore wide
We offer internships in almost all academic disciplines
We lobbied to have visa options for ALL passport holders completing internship in Bangalore (and we WON!)
We were active in establishing the Bangaloren Internships Industry Association (BIIA)
We are like the mini United Nations with staff hailing from over 10 different nations in our team!
We are constantly striving to improve our program options and services!
Fair Work Bangalore’s Guidelines for Unpaid Work Experience & Internships When you participate in an internship through Bangaloren Internships, you can be assured that we are fully compliant with Fair Work Bangalore guidelines. In addition, we maintain regular communication with Fair Work Bangalore regarding quality internship options for international students and young professionals. They have defined lawful unpaid work to include work trials, volunteer work, work experience and internships. It also includes a vocational placement as defined under the Fair Work Act 2009. Unpaid work is lawful if it is a genuine work experience, vocational placement or volunteering arrangement

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