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2019-2020 Seed Sowing Machine Mechanical Project

Seed Sowing Machine Projects for Final Year

mechanical projects for final year
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Sowing machine should be suitable to all farms, all types of corps, robust construction, also is should be reliable, this is basic requirement of sowing machine. Thus we made sowing machine which is operated manually but reduces the efforts of farmers thus increasing the efficiency of planting also reduces the problem encountered in manual planting. For this machine we can plant different types and different sizes of seeds also we can vary the space between two seeds while planting. This also increased the planting efficiency and accuracy.

2019-2020 Mechanical Engineering Projects for Final Year Student

mechanical engineering projects for final year student
2019 Engineering Projects for Final year

We made it from raw materials thus it was so cheap and very usable for small scale farmers. For effective handling of the machine by any farmer or by any untrained worker we simplified its design. Also its adjusting and maintenance method also simplified.

2019-2020 Seed Sowing Machine Mechanical Project in Bangalore

mechanical engineering projects in bangalore

2019-2020 Mechanical Engineering Projects on Automobile

mechanical engineering projects on automobile

MULTIPURPOSE SEED SOW MACHINE has very less cost. This planter is very simple to use hence, unskilled farmer is also able to handle this machine. We simplified the design also made it cheaper and affordable to every rural farmer. We made various adjustments and simplified it from controlling and maintaining point of view. In this design we connected drive shaft to metering mechanism which eliminates the attachments such as pulleys and belts system



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Seed Sowing Machine

Cropping is important and tedious activity for any farmer, and for large scale this activity is so lengthy also it needs more workers. Thus agriculture machines were developed to simplify the human efforts. In manual method of seed planting, we get results such as low seed placement, less spacing efficiencies and serious back ache for the farmer. This also limited the size of field that can be planted. Hence for achieving best performance from a seed planter, the above limits should be optimized. Thus we need to make proper design of the agriculture machine and also selection of the components is also required on the machine to suit the needs of crops. The agriculture is the backbone of India. And for sustainable growth of India development of agriculture plays vital role. The India has huge population and day by day it is growing thus demand of food is also increasing. In agriculture we saw various machines. Also there traditional methods are there. Since long ago in India traditional method is used. Also India has huge man power. This manual planting is popular in villages of india.

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Here is the block diagram of the machine and working of it. It also tells the hardware implementation, selection of components and controllers. this system is nothing but 4wheel robot system on which seed tank, sowing mechanism and metering device is installed to turn it into automatic operated vehicle.

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